K12 Next Generation

K12 Next Generation

The mission of K12 Next Generation is to consolidate and Promote Open Educational Resources into a Global Curriculum Continuum which will address those standards common among us all,  providing quality education for all children anytime, anywhere.


Major changes are necessary if our children are to compete and succeed in today's global economy. Government has been passing mandates, without the finances to back them, in order to improve the quality of education when, in fact, the mandates have only retarded improvement.   It's the very people who work with the children on a daily bases who are being blamed for the failures but who have the least control over making the positive change many of them see just out of reach.  

K12 Next Generation is a "meeting house" where a global team of educators and organizations collaborate to develop an interactive, engaging, global curriculum continuum.   It's our intent that all children, regardless of social or economic status, anywhere in the world and at any time, would have access to this curriculum.

Students move seamlessly through the curriculum demonstrating mastery through performance. Each lesson would  address various learning styles so, with teacher facilitation, every child could successfully move through the continuum at their own pace.   Its design would be such that it could be used in any educational model, i.e.: traditional, blended, flipped, online, home-based. Important to their success, teachers need professional development and supports to become comfortable in roles as facilitators of individual learning rather than managers of group behavior.

This curriculum would be a major step towards creating a global learning environment that, through the magic of the rapid growth of technology, would allow children from around the world to collaborate, exchanging ideas and cultures, and develop a better understanding and respect for others that could potentially carry over to their adult life.

Technology in education, learning through gaming, and interactive curricula are changing the way students are learning. The growing wealth of Open Educational Resources and the movement away from text books make it possible to develop high quality learning modules that address individual learning styles at very little cost.

Our children have moved into the 21st century. Their tools allow them to question and explore answers using technology at their fingertips rather then be told what the answers are by reading out-dated textbooks, through lectures and drills. Their classrooms can now become global, no longer constricted by four walls of a building or the imaginary lines that divide countries.

There are thousands of rich OER such as Khan Academy, PhET, NLVM, MERLOT, HippoCampus, The Gateway to 21st Century Skills, Sail On, Quest Atlantis, Study Ladder, SAS Curriculum Pathways, etc. which consolidated can create a multi-level, interdisciplinary mastery-based curriculum that can be shared by and with students around the world. We will not only erase the arbitrary lines that put our children in grades but also those that separate them by states and countries.

We are the 21st century, where there are far more similarities among all of us than there are differences. United, we can make a world of difference.

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