The Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory

The ARTS Lab is an interdisciplinary center for developing creative relationships connecting Art, Science, Business and Technology in New Mexico's unique environment. The ARTS Lab vision is to be a key catalyst for education and research that will grow and sustain an advanced media industry in New Mexico.

ARTS Lab was created in response to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's Media Industries Strategic Plan (MISP). ARTS Lab seeks to support innovation and growth in areas such as film, new media, simulation, telehealth, game technology, image processing, scientific visualization, national security applications, and new markets for content. As a center for both technology and the arts, New Mexico provides a dynamic environment for programs that stimulate economic development. ARTS Lab finds opportunities to cultivate these assets by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging ongoing participation across the University of New Mexico campus as well as building on ties with industry, community, and other educational institutions.

Physical Space 
While ARTS Lab activities take place throughout UNM and the surrounding community, the heart of ARTS Lab is our "Digital Media Garage," a black box space outfitted to support performance, experimentation and research in digital graphics, sound and realtime immersive projection systems. The 'Garage' includes a 15' diameter hemispheric domed projection surface (the G-Dome), a Vicon Motion Capture system, 30' x 40' Green Screen Studio, AV production suite and more. ARTS Lab also supports computer labs in several locations on the UNM campus or affiliated with UNM, including labs in Art, Music, Media Arts, Photography, Theater and Dance, Communication & Journalism and Continuing Education.

Building Connections 
A core ARTS Lab goal is to encourage collaborations between the arts and science disciplines. ARTS Lab supports interdisciplinary collaborations involving members from various colleges and departments as well as community and industry participants. Teams are encouraged to produce projects which span the entire process from idea to presentation, whether that be performance, distribution, or marketing. These projects should also be designed to support economic development in New Mexico.

New Works 
ARTS Lab is dedicated to bringing creative minds with project-oriented classes and research. ARTS Lab accomplishes this goal through encouraging and supporting creatives with ideas to reach out to other creatives with "the missing piece," with the goal of birthing performances, productions, products, relationships and insights never seen before.


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