AAEEBL -- Assoc. for Authentic, Experiential & Evidence-Based Learning

AAEEBL -- Assoc. for Authentic, Experiential & Evidence-Based Learning

The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL, pronounced "able") is a non-profit, professional organization for the world eportfolio community.  ePortfolio community leaders recognized in 2008 that eportfolio, as a technology, and as a body of theory and practices, had emerged as a promising influence and direction for education.  As such, we decided eportfolio needed its own professional association to catalyze the implementation of eportfolios in education.  We deeply believed in the value of eportfolio for learning, assessment and life-long career success.  Therefore AAEEBL was formed in 2009 within the existing eportfolio community to serve educators and the eportfolio industry. 

AAEEBL's mission is to develop learners and transform institutions with electronic portfolios.  A service organization, AAEEBL offers conferences, resources, community connections, a newsletter, and consulting to institutional members and corporate affiliates.  With affiliations and collaborations among a wide array of world-wide eportfolio initiatives, projects and organizations, AAEEBL helps delineate the new field of eportfolio scholarship and research. Support from institutional memberships and from Corporate Affiliates, along with  grants, make it possible for AAEEBL to provide strategic leadership.


Conferences -- If there is not link to information, it will be added as soon as it's available. 

  • Northeast US ePortfolio Conference -- March 15, 2013, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI
  • Western US ePortfolio Conference -- April 19-20, 2013, Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Northwest US ePortfolio Conference -- Fall 2013, University of Washington, Bothel, Bothel, Washington (Near Seattle)

2013 Annual ePortfolio Conference

  • July 29 - August 1
  • Hynes Convention Center
  • Boston, MA, USA

Call for Proposals -- open 10/18/12 - February 18, 2013

Conference Tracks

  • Practice: Teaching and Learning with ePortfolios
  • Transitions: ePortfolios, Employability and Support of Change
  • Research and Scholarship: Evaluating and Documenting the Effectiveness of ePortfolios
  • Assessment: Using ePortfolios to Learn about Student Learning
  • ePortfolio Start-Ups: First Steps and Beyond
  • What's New? Open Learning and Alternative Credentialing for ePortfolios

NEW Initiative: AAEEBL's International Research Group (IRG)

AAEEBL is excited to introduce an addition to our site that focuses on AAEEBL's IRG with a spotlight on Kathryn Coleman's Australian endeavors to share the group's goals. The AAEEBL IRG was formed at the 2012 AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference in conjunction with AAEEBL's Research Committee.

Drawing on the Alice in Wonderland story, Coleman's presentation, Curiouser & Curiouser, is charming, entertaining and illustrative of the type of learning that goes on at AAEEBL Annual Conferences.   See http://www.aaeebl.org/Resources/Documents/ResearchCommittee/Curiouser-Curiouser.pdf

For additional information use the "Contact" link on the AAEEBL Web site -- www.aaeebl.org.

(11/29/12 Posted by Judy Williamson Batson)

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