Writer/Editor 3, Mark Twain Project, UC Berkeley

Saturday, September 1, 2012 - 3:00am

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Application Review Date
The First Review Date for this job is: September 1, 2012

Departmental Overview
Located in the midst of the Mark Twain Papers in The Bancroft Library, the Mark Twain Project is editing and publishing a comprehensive scholarly edition of Mark Twain's writings, including all of his letters, notebooks, and unpublished manuscripts, as well as his well-known literary works. Since 2007 we have been building an electronic edition of these writings, http://www.marktwainproject.org, which draws upon the Web's strengths of search, organization, and display.

Researches, writes, and edits material as well as potentially develops digital tools for both print and Web publication, including critical editions, XML documents, and databases. In general, works with colleagues to ensure accuracy and completeness of individual scholarly volumes of Mark Twain’s letters, literary manuscripts, and published works, which are issued by the Mark Twain Project as printed books as well as electronically through its website, Mark Twain Project Online.

Required Qualifications
The ideal candidate has contributed successfully to digital humanities projects and is self-motivated to produce accurate work in collaboration with colleagues. Because of the nature of MTP's concerns, the candidate must have a deep understanding of textual criticism, including methodologies for establishing texts.
• Thorough knowledge of computer applications for publishing, image handling, and/or web production, especially XML-based workflows.
• Thorough interpersonal communications skills, including active listening and effective collaboration skills.
• Thorough analytical and critical thinking skills.
• Thorough research and fact verification skills.
•  A master's degree in a related area (e.g. American literature, history) or equivalent research experience and training.

Preferred Qualifications
• Familiarity with TEI-XML, XSL, JavaScript, databases, and/or content management systems (e.g. Drupal).
• Familiarity with library metadata.
• Experience with transcribing manuscripts.
• Experience with devising and running unit and system tests.
• A keen eye for proofreading and copy-editing.
• Ph.D. is preferred.

Salary & Benefits
Monthly: $4,250 - $6,308.33 Annual: $51,000 - $75,700

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University visit:

How to Apply
Please submit your cover letter and resume as a single attachment when applying.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The University of California, Berkeley is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


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Academic excellence landed me into the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley.  While strong language and documentation skills form the cornerstone of my training, my passion is to use my strong people and writing skills in helping the people I serve be successful.  Would like to pursue a career in technical writing and further enhance my skills in communicating complex ideas in a simple and effective manner.


Born in capitalistic Hong Kong, raised in conservative Texas and obtained my degree in liberal California, I have been privileged with a life path that enables me to correlate naturally to people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.


I have a passion in language and writing.  Not just writing, but writing that makes a difference, converting complicated contents into digestible language/formats that fit the reader’s needs.  Valuable concepts or ideas are often wasted when not effectively communicated in a user-friendly manner or in the appropriate media.


Throughout my college years, I’ve been taking up, non-stop, both part time jobs and community services to prepare myself for a teaching career.  I believed that teaching would allow me to use my language as well as people skills.   As I went further into the profession, however, I realized a thirst to go beyond a school context.


Retro-linking the dots in my educational and career path, technical writing becomes a natural choice.  I would like to deep dive into this profession, in which I can help engineers and developers from diverse backgrounds effectively communicate their valuable ideas/work.  At the same time, I can also learn about the fascinating world of technology driving modern day human interactions.


Being at a switching point, there is no denial that my knowledge of sophisticated technology is limited.  I believe, however, that technology is not about how much one knows already, but how much one is ready to learn.



Patti Suen


pattisuen@gmail.com                1069 Camino Del Valle, Alameda, CA 94502              (408) 421 1062



Academic excellence landed me into the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley.  While strong language and documentation skills form the cornerstone of my training, my passion is to use my strong people and writing skills in helping the people I serve be successful.  Would like to pursue a career in technical writing and further enhance my skills in communicating complex technical ideas in a simple and effective manner.




Bachelor of Arts in English, University of California at Berkeley, 2010





Center Staff, Ala Costa Center (Oct. 2010 – Present)

Supervise and coach students with severe disabilities in recreational and educational activities.  Develop, gather, and disseminate information to students in formats and languages that suit their varied levels of cognition.  Assist Center Supervisor in managing schematic schedules and programs tailored to the students’ needs.  Learned the importance of designing and delivering materials understandable from the perspective of the end users, while keeping the content and theme of the delivery integral.


Student Assistant, UC Berkeley Early Childhood Education Program (Jun. 08 – Jun. 09)

Participated in a Program organized by UC Berkeley aimed at putting advanced education principles into practice.  Provided quality early childhood services to a class of 20+ preschoolers.  Ensured that valuable theories were put into practice in a balanced package format to maximize delivery value.  Acquired multi-tasking and time-management skills through delivery of an end-to-end program, including food preparation, planning and conducting educational activities, safety set up and parents counseling.


English Tutor, YMCA at Berkeley (Aug. 06-May 07, Jan. 08 – May 08)

Joined the English-in-Action Program organized by YMCA to assist international graduate students to learn about English language and American culture, so that they could accelerate their learning experience at UC Berkeley.  The Program provided me a precious opportunity to interact with young minds from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as helped me build the ability to build rapport within a short warm up, to the extent that both tutor and recipients became trusted advisors of each other.


Project Coordinator, Castlemont Business & Information Technology School (Aug. 07 – Dec. 07)

Castlemont is an educational institute under the New Technology Network of schools propelling the use of computers and other technology tools for research and communications.  I joined them as an intern to coordinate projects climaxing at their annual Project Exhibition Event.  Participated in meetings and classroom teaching, provided feedback for content improvements.  Facilitated communication between stakeholders (principal, teachers and students).  Coordinated speakers for the Annual Exhibition.


Assistant teacher, Asians for Job Opportunities in the Bay Area (Sept. 06 – Dec. 06)

Researched, designed, and compiled creative methods and formats to assist middle-aged immigrants learn English so they could find jobs in the US.  Learnt that effective content delivery took attributes beyond patience.  User-friendly interface and communication, trust, flexibility, building user confidence, and constant revisions to cope with individual needs are key to success.





Volunteer Teacher, Joyland Children’s Ministry (Jul. 09 – Present)                                                  

Taught weekly lessons to a class of 20+ preschoolers from multiple ethnicities, both through large group presentations and small group activities.  Collaborated with other teachers to design and curriculums and compile class materials.  Responsible for program administration, including registration, attendance monitoring, and organization of games, activities and weekend outings.


Cultural Exchange Leader, Student Leadership Development Program (Jun. 09 – Jul. 09)

As a member of 12 Berkeley students and alumni visiting urban and rural China, with the mission to strengthen cultural interflow. Developed curriculum, documented contents in multi-media formats to help 30 local Chinese university students understand the US language and culture.  Facilitated small group discussions and presentations.  Taught 400+ middle school students English through lively interactions.


UC Berkeley Overseas Study Program, China (Jul. 07 – Dec. 07)

Participated in a half-year overseas study program in China.  Learnt Chinese language and culture.  Visited multiple cities in China while acting as student ambassador representing UC Berkeley.  Eye-witnessed the growth, and well as growing pains of China transforming into a global economic power.


Oak Grove Marching Band, Europe Performance Tour (Dec. 2005)

Participated in a trip to Europe with my school marching band. Performed in London and Madrid for multi-cultural audience.




§  HSBC Outstanding Academic Achievements Scholarship, 2007

§  Girls Scouts Gold Award 2006 (Commendation from White House, CA State Governor & Senators)

§  Advanced Placement Scholar Award, 2005

§  Regional Winner, 7th Annual National High School Poetry Contest, 2005

§  El Camino Flute Ensemble, 2nd Chair Flutist, 2004

§  State Level Award, Duke University Talent Identification Program, 2004

§  Texas State Program for Gifted Children, 2004

§  President’s Education Award, 2003




Bilingual in English & Chinese (Putonghua/Mandarin, Cantonese)

Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint




Reading, writing, music, church activities, community services