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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 12:00am


Heineken was the official sponsor of US Open 2013. What kind of buzz did Heineken create via sponsoring of the event?


In a $196 billion industry that encompasses 85% of America’s alcohol market, it can be exceptionally difficult for beer brands to stand out. The big players are constantly devising new ways to draw attention to their products.

The US Open (Tennis) is a two-week sports and entertainment extravaganza held in Flushing, N.Y. More than 700,000 fans enter the gates annually at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Sponsoring of such events can lead to much wider audience for brands.


The main objective of this contest is:

  1. Perform visualization of the given data and derive insights for Heineken compared to Budweiser before, during and after the event & provide Heineken with most relevant/interesting observations about their marketing efforts (also which can be leveraged by Heineken in managing their marketing efforts for future). Making visuals which can explain the buzz (if any) would be of particular interest.

An additional objective is:

  1. To perform visualization of #usopen raw tweets data and find interesting observations about users tweeting. For e.g. did people talk about beer, food, transport etc.

The analysis should be performed before, during and after the US Open on Heineken’s marketing effort during each time period. The summary should help the client answer: Did Heineken benefit from sponsoring of the event?


The data provided to you for this contest is in 2 formats:

  1. Data related to Heineken and Budweiser has been processed using the online data streams for a period of 4 weeks. Feature like Official tweets, Official RTs, Official fb posts etc.
  2. And #usopen tweets data is given to unprocessed i.e. actual tweets with location, date, RTs, No. of followers. User account info is removed.

The US Open ran from 25th Aug 2013 to 8th Sept. 2013. The data is collected for a week before the US Open and a week after the US Open. Data streams from the following data categories are collected: Twitter, Facebook, Google Trends and Online Articles. All data files and detailed feature description dictionary can be downloaded from the “Data” tab.

The data features (see data dictionary for details) has been divided into following as In-Control and Out-Control Factors:

  • In-Control Factors – factors which are in control of the company. For e.g. Official handle tweets of Heineken, Official Fb posts etc.
  • Out-Control Factors – factors which are out of control of the company, but which are influenced by their In-Control factors. For e.g. No. of ReTweets by users are influenced by the type/frequency of official tweets

Solvers are encouraged to create their own features from the given data, if necessary or use any additional sources of data to enhance the observations. Solvers should try to delve deeper into the reasoning behind why/how the feature is behaving during the time periods.

Note: In-Control factors SHOULD not be compared against each other.


Each solver is asked to submit a PDF report with visuals and any accompanying information that is thought to be relevant for a sound explanation of the visualizations. The PDF should be concise and based on the facts of the data.

The pdf report should contain the following sections:

  • SECTION I: Summary of the analysis (1 page)
  • SECTION II: The analysis in this section should be performed before, during and after the US Open on Heineken’s marketing effort during each time period. For e.g.
    1. Compelling visual charts depicting insights before, during and after US Open for various channels
    2. Overall insights of Heineken Marketing effort during US Open
    3. Statistical insights comparing Heineken against Budweiser

For example, your report should carry charts which can help them to visualize:

  1. Heineken saw a sharp increase in number of users tweeting about the brand midway of US Open
  2. Heineken's FB posts inspired X% higher user comments on fb fan page wall than Budweiser while the US open was running


The following criterion (see Criterion tab for full details) will be used to create a score chart for evaluation of pdf report:

  • Completeness of overall report & sections
  • Interpretation of events in data before, during & after the US Open.
  • Creative Metric:
    • Use of creative visuals and/or charts to present information & observations?

Deliverable Report Expectations

We are looking for insightful charts & visuals which can provide actionable information from visuals. And bring your creativity into play for representing the data points.

Solvers are encouraged to create their own features from the given data, if necessary or use any additional sources of data to enhance the observations.

Note: Your report should ideally contain Top 10 most relevant insights. All insights should be supported by interpretation, visual charts and of different variety.

Note: The charts should represent an insightful/actionable/interesting observation for the brand or channel being analysed. Each chart should convey something out of the box observed in the data via visuals.


Prize of 300 USD each will be given to Top 5 reports (meeting all evaluating criterion)

$300 x 5 = USD 1500 – after validation of reports based on the evaluation criteria mentioned above.

One additional USD 200 prize for Most Creative visual charts (meeting all evaluating criterion)

One additional USD 200 prize for Most Insight/Actionable report (meeting all evaluating criterion)

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