Upcoming THATCamps and THATCamp deadlines

Here's a summary of upcoming THATCamps and THATCamp deadlines. THATCamp, as you may know, stands for The Technology And Humanities Camp, and there's plenty of information at http://thatcamp.org. If you'd let people in your discipline, organization, or geographic area know about particular THATCamps and fellowships, it'd be a kindness to us and (we think) to them.

* We offer BootCamp fellowships in the amount of $500 for most THATCamps on an ongoing basis: http://thatcamp.org/fellowships

* Applications for THATCamp Melbourne will be accepted through March 10: http://thatcampmelbourne.org

* Registrations for THATCamp Florence are being accepted through March 15: http://thatcampflorence.org

* THATCamp Jersey Shore is happening in lovely Atlantic City at the Carnegie Library Center April 4-5, and will accept registrations till then, space permitting: http://jerseyshore2011.thatcamp.org

* The National Council on Public History is having a THATCamp on Wednesday, April 6, just before its annual meeting in Pensacola, FL. Registration is open through March 15, and others besides public historians are very welcome: http://ncph2011.thatcamp.org/

* THATCamp Texas at Rice University in Houston, TX is accepting applications through March 11 and will take place April 15-16: http://texas2011.thatcamp.org

* Great Lakes THATCamp at East Lansing MI is also accepting applications through March 11 and will take place April 30-May 1: http://greatlakesthatcamp.org

* Registrations will open soon (by March 1) for THATCamp "Prime" at the Center for History and New Media, June 3-5. Registration will be open this year instead of by application, and participation will be increased to 125 people. The first day, Friday June 3, will be an exciting set of BootCamp workshops -- stay tuned.

* THATCamp Liberal Arts Colleges at St. Norbert in De Pere, WI is happening the same weekend as THATCamp "Prime" -- by design! The two THATCamps will have a shared virtual session. THATCamp LAC is accepting applications through April 18, 2011.

* THATCamp Victoria is happening June 10-11 in conjunction with the world-renowned Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. Registrations are open till April 1 or till 75 people have registered, whichever comes first: http://victoria2011.thatcamp.org/

Sign up for THATCamp News at http://bit.ly/thatcamp-news. Write info@thatcamp.org with questions.


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