Towards a Pedagogy of Equality - Livestreamed Workshop

Towards a Pedagogy of Equality - Livestreamed Workshop
Friday, August 28, 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

You are invited to join HASTAC and the Futures Initiative for a live-streamed, one-hour workshop on engaged pedagogy as a way of modeling a more egalitarian society.  The workshop and pedagogy jam will take place on August 28 at 1 pm at the Graduate Center, CUNY, rm. 9204, and will be facilitated by Professor Cathy Davidson.

There are several ways to join us:

  • To attend in person, RSVP now!
  • Watch the livestream at (unedited footage will be available after the workshop for a limited time under "Recent Videos", and we'll post an edited version soon)
  • Follow the hashtag #fight4edu and tweet your questions/comments
  • During and after the workshop, add your own favorite pedagogical practices to this Google Doc 

This workshop opens The University Worth Fighting For, a series of workshops that tie student-centered, engaged pedagogical practices to institutional change, race, equality, gender, and social justice.

To help build momentum and to provide a place to discuss related theory and research in greater depth, we also invite you to join this student-led reading group, “Towards a Pedagogy of Equality.” The discussion group will remain open for three weeks following the workshop.


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