SwitchPoint Silo Busters Student Contest

SwitchPoint Silo Busters Student Contest
Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 12:00am

From the brilliant folks at SwitchPoint:

Be part of the first annual Silo Busters Contest and you could present your great idea alongside global innovators as part of the SwitchPoint 2013 Conference Program!

SwitchPoint is all about finding new ways to spark innovations that will save lives in the developing world. What are the intersection points, the unusual collaborations, and the unexpected repurposing potential of good ideas that could solve the greatest challenges of our time? College and graduate school students everywhere are invited to submit a SwitchPoint that could have a real impact on the world.

We encourage you to bust down old silos between ideas, tools, people, organizations, recombine, remix and recycle good ideas. What if the best innovation in one field could make a much greater difference if applied in another? What is YOUR SwitchPoint?

How to participate?

This is a lightning contest which means you have to think and act fast. But the rest is easy. Simply post an essay up to 350 words or video up to 90 seconds long describing your silo busting SwitchPoint and how it could make a difference. The deadline for submission is March 31. One entry per student. Videos should be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, and the SHARE link included with your entry.


Our amazing panel of judges will select the top three entries for silo busting imagination and potential. If your entry is selected, we will invite you to join the SwitchPoint 2013 program to present your idea in the exciting lightning round. We will cover your expenses including travel, meals and hotel accommodations. Plus you will attend the full conference and concert on us and have access to Speakers and VIP events.


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