STEM Education Specialist: Field Museum (1-year appointment)

STEM Education Specialist: Field Museum (1-year appointment)

The Field Museum has a new vacancy within the Education Department. This is a one year term position.


Position Descriptor:

As a member of the Education Department's School Partnerships and Programs team, the STEM Education Specialist's primary role will be to develop an online multimedia toolkit for educators and serve as the lead Field Museum's content developer for the creation of an augmented reality environment within WhyVille. All tools will be designed to engage K-12 students/youth in exploring biomechanics-- the science of looking at living things as machines built by nature. He/she will work collaboratively with staff members from the Education Department's Digital Programs team and the Museum's Exhibitions Department.

Please find out more about the position here:

Please send any questions/inquires to Jessica Hankey

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