Science Ed / Digital Media & Learning Specialist at Kno in Silicon Valley

Science Ed / Digital Media & Learning Specialist at Kno in Silicon Valley

Science Education/Digital Media & Learning Specialist at Kno in Silicon Valley

Education has been the same for decades. It’s been text heavy, non-collaborative and frankly speaking, stuck in a world where slide rulers were the norm to do basic multiplication and division. Don’t you think it’s time for a change?  Here at Kno, we absolutely do. At the core of Kno’s product is a focus on offering students and professors new ways to digitally consume, organize, create and share knowledge. Our emphasis is on creating the best user experience that makes learning fun and engaging. So won’t you come join us? It’s a Kno Brainer!

We are looking for talented folks who are passionate about curricular development and the potential of digital media enhance learning in the 21st century. Our instructional design utilizes the Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Identify appropriate online educational materials to enhance curriculum and engage students

  • Create, design, edit, and review content

  • Plan and design new hands-on activities for self directed learning

  • Develop K-12 science assessments

Hours are flexible.


  • Teacher credential for science secondary education (6th grade through 12th grade) or Master’s/PhD’s degree in Physical Sciences, Curriculum & Instruction, Digital Media and/or Science Education, or equivalent.

  • Ability to provide critical feedback on educational content.

  • Experience and comfort with writing for a non-academic audience

  • Passion for, and understanding of, middle school and high school curriculum.

  • Work closely with the product team to integrate an interactive science curriculum.

Apply by emailing your resume to


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