Saturday Science: Exploring the Design of Effective Chemistry Simulation

How can learning from visual displays, such as in computer animations and simulations, be improved? How should simulations and animations be designed to be instructionally effective? Which mode of relationship between objects and their signifiers best facilitates learning?

On Saturday, September 26, Dr. Catherine Milne, professor in the NYU Department of Teaching and Learning, will address such questions during a seminar entitled, "Exploring the Design of Effective Chemistry Simulations." She will be describing findings from a three-year project funded by the Institute of Education sciences to develop effective chemistry simulations for a broad range of gifted and struggling learners. Dr. Milne has extensive experience with the use of computer games and simulations in education.

Recent Advances in Science (aka "Saturday Science")
FREE and open to the public
Saturday, September 26, 2009
Silver Center*, Room 411
New York, NY
*The Silver Center is located at Washington Square East between Waverly Place and Washington Place

Recent Advances in Science (aka "Saturday Science") is a free, interdisciplinary lecture series on current research topics in the biological sciences, held at New York University. It was established to give  NYC-area teachers the opportunity to meet with leading researchers and scientists and bring interesting ideas back to their curricula and student projects. For more information, visit the Science Saturday website.

A recording of the event will be available as part of the NYU Science podcast.


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