RockenRoll for UnderAcademy Summer Mini-courses.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 8:00pm to Sunday, August 30, 2020 - 8:00pm

RockenRoll for UnderAcademy Summer Mini-courses.
Registration is open for our Summer Transgression Intersession courses (July 27-Aug 4). Rock Enroll today!* (*courses are not limited to this frame.)  
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Register by July 21 for a discount. All courses are free. Courses will occur on various free platforms.

Police Defunding Recipe Club (Digressor: Cat Bloc) (Aug. 7 & 21)
In this Sunday afternoon club, we’ll be meeting in the UnderAcademy’s digital student union to share police defunding recipes and fill each other in on local and national efforts to defund the police. We’ll compile all the recipes that everyone shares into a “Defund the Police Cookbook” that will be shared digitally with each attendee.

How to Get (Un)Lawfully Arrested Without Breaking the Law (in 6 Easy Steps): An Engaging Meditative Mediated Discourse on Protest Rights and CA Penal Code section 148. (Digressors: Andy Bouvier-Brown, Esquire & Rachel Stenback, Esquire)
A course that is thoroughly explained by its title.

Advance Praise for Your Book Workshop (Digressors: Adam Liszkiewicz)
A workshop for comments on Adam’s unwritten book.

Writing Process Writing Processes (Digressor: Talan Memmott UAC Founder and President)
This class will take participants through the writing process of writing processes for process writing.

The UnZoomable Course (Digressors: Margaret Rhee, SA Smythe, Mark C. Marino)
This course explores all that explores and mourns the loss of all that cannot be conveyed through corporate video conference-ware.

“UnderAcademy is not anti-academic, it is under — like under the influence of the academy. And, we are not a university; we are called a college because of its phonological proximity to collage.” Talan Memmott Founder and President, UnderAcademy College


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