Reminder: The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is Accepting Submissions for Its Fall 2019 General Issue Until May 15, 2019

Reminder: The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is Accepting Submissions for Its Fall 2019 General Issue Until May 15, 2019

The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP) seeks
scholarly work that explores the intersection of technology with
teaching, learning, and research. We are interested in contributions
that take advantage of the affordances of digital platforms in creative
ways. We invite both textual and multimedia submissions employing
interdisciplinary and creative approaches in the humanities, sciences,
and social sciences. Besides scholarly papers, the submissions can
consist of audio or visual presentations and interviews, dialogues, or
conversations; creative/artistic works; manifestos; or other scholarly
materials, including work that addresses the labor and care
considerations of academic technology projects.

All work appearing in the Issues section of JITP is reviewed by the
issue editors and independently by two scholars in the field, who
provide formative feedback to the author(s) during the review process.
We practice signed, as opposed to blind, peer review. We intend that the
journal itself—both in our process and in our digital product—serve as
an opportunity to reveal, reflect on, and revise academic publication
and classroom practices. Additionally, all submissions will be
considered for our “Behind the Seams” feature, in which we publish
dynamic representations of the revision and editorial processes,
including reflections from the authorial and editorial participants.

Research-based submissions should include discussions of approach,
method, and analysis. When possible, research data should be made
publicly available and accessible via the Web and/or other digital
mechanisms, a process that JITP can and will support as necessary.
Successes and interesting failures are equally welcome. Submissions that
focus on pedagogy should balance theoretical frameworks with practical
considerations of how new technologies play out in both formal and
informal educational settings. Discipline-specific submissions should be
written for non-specialists.

As a courtesy to our reviewers, we will not consider simultaneous
submissions, but we will do our best to reply to you within three months
of the submission deadline. The expected length for finished
manuscripts is under 5,000 words. All work should be original and
previously unpublished. Essays or presentations posted on a personal
blog may be accepted, provided they are substantially revised; please
contact us with any questions at

For further information on style and formatting, accessibility requirements, and multimedia submissions, consult JITP’s accessibility guidelines, style guide and multimedia submission guidelines.

Important Dates

Submission deadline for full manuscripts is May 15, 2019. Please view our submission guidelines for information about submitting to the Journal.

Please note that we also accept short submissions on a rolling basis in the categories of Reviews, Tool Tips, Blueprints, Assignments, and Teaching Fails.


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