Re-defining Authenticity in the Age of 3D Digital Reproductions

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 12:00am to Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 12:00am

The European Association of Archaeologists celebrates its 21st Annual Meeting in Galsgow, UK (2-5 September 2015). During this event, in collaboration with Fabrizio Galeazzi (University of York) and Valentina Vassallo, I am organizing a session titled Re-defining Authenticity in the Age of 3D Digital Reproductions (

The deadline for abstracts submission is February 16th, 2015.


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Oral presentation
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Communicating Archaeology



Archaeology is becoming increasingly ‘digital’. The use of 3D laser scanners, computer vision and photogrammetric methods is well established in the archaeological field now, since these techniques allow to digitally preserving the information through time. Three-dimensional metric replicas of the archaeological record are powerful tools for the analysis, understanding and interpretation of tangible heritage, since they give the opportunity to virtually revisit the archaeological information by multiple experts, without the limitations of space and time. Today digital archives and the web allow preservation, sharing and accessibility of 3D data, favoring an unprecedented dissemination of information. Thanks to the advancement of technologies, 3D digital objects can now also be recreated using 3D printers. This gives researchers and the public the ability to not only see objects, but also engage and interact with their reproductions. Three-dimensional printing affords the use of tactile information not typically utilized when simply viewing static 2D photographs or looking at objects displayed in a museum. What is the value of 3D digital and physical replicas of ancient material culture? How should we consider these digital and virtual reproductions? Are they authentic representations of our cultural heritage or just virtual and physical ‘fakes’? We welcome papers that discuss how 3D digital and printed replicas challenge and reconsider the notion of authenticity in archaeology and heritage studies. We would like potential papers to explore the concept of authenticity in relation to:-Three-dimensional digital replicas of ancient artefacts.-Three-dimensional printed replicas of ancient artefacts.-Three-dimensional virtual replicas of the archaeological excavation process. -Cultural diversity. How different cultures cope with replicas.-Museum experiences.


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