Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 5:00pm

Cody Mejeur and I will be moderating a Twitter Chat entitled {Queer|Digital}Texts.

This dialogue will take place on October 24, 2018 at:

  • 4 PM Eastern
  • 3 PM Central
  • 2 PM Mountain
  • 1 PM Pacific.

We will be using the hashtag #DigiQueer for this conversation.

About This Event

We invite writers, designers, developers, and users to join us in interrogating the intersections of queerness, digital media, and writing. Our provocations will direct attention towards the potentials for queerness to influence creative practices, while also thinking through what critical production offers queerness. Here, we broadly understand "texts" to include written text as well as texts in visual media, performance, digital cultures, journalism, games. 

Please share this event and invite people to join us on Twitter for this event.

We look forward to your participation!

Any questions may be directed to me at mdeanda@hawk.iit.edu


Michael Anthony DeAnda @MichaelsLore
Cody Mejeur @CMejeur

Key Terms

Texts - we are defining 'texts' broadly as something that you can read, that speaks to human experience, and that communicates meaning. Some examples of texts (this list is not exhaustive) are books, periodicals, websites, games, visual novels, crafts, film, novels, brands, tweets, code, photos the body.

Creating/ion - we are defining creating and creation as any process of making, including, but not limited to: design, game design, research design, web development, writing, crafting, and coding.

Queer - we will begin by collectively defining this term, and we encourage both scholarly reflection as well as lived, quotidian, and embodied experiences that shape our definitions of this term.

While we are focusing on digital media and artifacts, we highly encourage people who make physical things (crafters, analog game designers, people keeping physical journals) to join us for this conversation because of the value in critically thinking through the affordances of tools and materials we use to make things.


Suggested Guidelines for Participating

  • Be sure to mark your tweets for this conversation with the appropriate hashtag (#DigiQueer) to ensure they are cataloged in the corpus of the conversation. 
  • We ask that all participants be respectful of one another and come open to ideas. Speak from your perspective. Dialogue and debate are welcome, personal attacks are not.
  • We will use Q#: to ask the questions. We recommend using A#: to respond to the question (where the number correlates, ex: Q1: ; A1:), even if you are replying directly to the tweet. This will help others, particularly people who phase in and out of the conversation to get a sense of what we are responding to and talking about.
  • While a new question is proposed, we do not mean this to staunch the discussion about the current question. You may continue responding to any questions and carrying any discussions that are generated.
  • You are not obligated to stay for the whole hour, you may join or leave whenever, especially if you feel unsafe. If you do feel unsafe, please notify one of the moderators so we may be aware. 
  • You may come back to explore the conversation, and we strongly encourage you to continue these conversations both on and offline. We hope this Twitter chat helps build your network, shapes your thoughts, and offers insight into your current and future projects.

Let us know you will be attending!



Sounds great! Looking forward to this convo :)


Great! We look forward to your participation. Please share with people you think would be interested!