Publishing Makerspace: A Collaborative Approach to Multimodal Publishing

Publishing Makerspace:  A Collaborative Approach to Multimodal Publishing
Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 6:30am to 7:00am

This Innovation Session will provide an overview of the Publishing Makerspace project, which seeks to engage collaboratively with publication workflows from the research design phase to final products. It employs an approach to publishing that reimagines and retools publishing models. We are developing a replicable workshop in which professionals with different skill sets collaborate on specific projects that explore scholarship both within and beyond the realm of traditional publishing. First forged in the 2014 Scholarly Communications Institute, this simple but radical approach to publishing responds to the multimodal scholarship that is being produced today. The approach integrates traditional books and articles within a larger publishing ecosystem that includes other outputs, such as archives of raw data, online community resources, digital artifacts, and alternative modes of presentation.

Today’s scholars are producing work in many forms, from blogs and articles to interactive maps and dataset visualizations; their work incorporates cultural heritage collections, photographs, sound, video, and physical and virtual exhibits. Publishing Makerspace embraces the work of digital librarians, archivists, experts in mapping and visualization, data miners, designers, editors, software developers, and others in a collaborative spirit. In this session, members of the Publishing Makerspace working group will describe the genesis of their idea, provide an update on its development in practice, and suggest some possibly new ways that librarians, publishers, vendors, and everyone who has a stake in scholarly communication can participate in creating a responsive, relevant, and robust future for scholarly publishing. Our aim is to stimulate ideas for the development of these collaborative relationships and innovative publishing formats.


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