Program Coordinator (job code 2321, level 10, 100% FTE, exempt)
Requisition Number: 40533040

Occupational Summary

Working closely with the Associate Director for Programs and Communications (ADPC), the
Program Coordinator (PC) plays a key role at the Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) by
providing day-to-day coordination of the its broad range of humanities programs, and staff
member(s) and student employees working in support of these programs. The central
responsibility of the position is to ensure that FHI programs of all types – including such
details as travel and lodging arrangements, venue coordination, A/V support, etc. – are
implemented at a high level of quality and efficiency. Equally important, the position is
responsible for managing the use of and maintaining the FHI’s program facilities and
technologies, which incorporate several spaces devoted to a variety of programs and
projects, along with complex A/V and computer technologies.

The position reports directly to the FHI’s Associate Director for Programs and
Communications (Program Director, level 13), and coordinates the activities of a Program
Associate (Staff Assistant, level 8) and undergraduate/graduate student employees.

Work Performed
• Program management. Working both independently and with oversight from the
ADPC, and with the support of a level 8 Staff Assistant (Program Associate), the PC will
coordinate and administer FHI programmatic activities. In this capacity, the PC will:

o Ensure that logistical arrangements – such as guest travel, lodging, and
transportation – are in place, and that all non-FHI program participants are
provided with information and guidance on these matters.
o Ensure that compensation and reimbursements for all program participants are
processed in a timely and efficient manner; understand, interpret and implement
Duke, federal, and other policies regarding such transactions, including policies
and procedures pertaining to foreign nationals.
o Compile and provide information to FHI staff members and other stakeholders
about program timelines, itineraries and other important logistical information.
o Coordinate program production in FHI venues and off-site programs, including
venue and A/V systems, catering, receptions and other program components.
John Franklin Humanities Institute 8/24/11
Job Description: Program Coordinator
o Work with the ADPC on the design, production, and dissemination of printed and
electronic publicity such as posters, advertisements, mass email campaigns, and
other promotional collateral.
o Contribute to the planning of FHI programs, and in selected cases independently
conceptualize, develop, and implement programs.
o Manage selected program and operational budgets, with oversight from the ADPC
and within frameworks established by the Associate Director for Administration,
Advancement, and Planning (ADAAP).

• Management of facilities, technologies, information, and other program-related
resources. The PC is responsible for managing all FHI program spaces and programrelated
technologies, as well as selected informational resources. In this role, the PM

o Oversee the room reservation process and usage of rooms for FHI and non-FHI
programs, events, and meetings, and ensure that all users of the FHI’s facilities
are provided with the technology and support they require.
o Ensure that FHI program facilities and related furniture, equipment, and fixtures
remain in good, operable, and clean condition, that equipment is inventoried and
accounted for, and coordinate with Duke facilities and outside contractors on
upkeep, upgrades, and repairs.
o Manage the FHI’s integrated A/V technology systems, including video
presentation systems, video and audio-conferencing systems, sound systems,
video cameras, and related equipment. This role includes: (1) ensuring that staff
members and other users are either trained in the use of this equipment or that a
trained FHI staff member, student, or IT professional is available to assist as
needed in the operation of equipment; (2) monitoring operational quality of
equipment and advising on replacement, repair, upgrades and procurement of
new equipment; (3) communicating with A/V service personnel and vendors, and
coordinating on-site repair and consultative visits; (4) acting as principal liaison
with A/V vendors, Duke IT personnel, and other entities.
o Maintain the FHI programs database and related program files, with support from
the Program Associate.
o Maintain the FHI program archive of printed and digital material.
John Franklin Humanities Institute 8/24/11
Job Description: Program Coordinator
o Work with other FHI staff members to gather, compile, and analyze program
assessment information/data.

• Supervision. The position will be supported by and will coordinate the activities of a
Program Associate (level 8 Staff Assistant), and will share in the day-to-day supervision
of undergraduate and graduate student employees.
• Other related duties as required.

The position requires a minimum of three years’ experience in program administration in the
context of academic or cultural programs, or directly related experience in meeting/events
planning, publishing, performing arts management, or related areas. The position also
requires, at minimum, technical aptitude and at least general experience with, or exposure to,
A/V technologies and facilities management practices.
The position’s broad span of control makes it imperative that the individual should have
experience in communicating with, managing, coordinating, motivating, and evaluating the
wide range of people involved in FHI programs – from program participants and FHI staff
members, to faculty members, student employees, volunteers, and peers in partner
organizations and/or other Duke units.

The position requires analytical, communications and organizational skills generally acquired
through completion of a bachelor's degree. The ideal candidate will have an academic
background and/or advanced degree (MA, MFA, ABD, or PhD) in the humanities or arts.

Skills and Knowledge
Strong candidates will possess some or all of the following skills, a combination of skills and
education, and/or a willingness and clear ability to learn in areas where skills are lacking:

• Strong oral and written communication skills, and experience with public
communications and/or media relations; print production experience desirable.
• Experience in the coordination/management of public programs and special events,
and experience or familiarity with related A/V technologies.
• Familiarity with the academic environment and the ability to communicate and work
productively and collegially with a wide range of individuals and types of people,
ranging from undergraduate students to senior faculty and administrators.
• Ability to provide guidance and direction to staff subordinates and student
employees, including setting standards and monitoring performance.
• Ability to “manage-up” to effectively coordinate the activities and contributions of
senior staff, faculty directors and board members, and distinguished program
• Budget management experience.
• Extensive experience with word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software;
experience with web-authoring software or willingness to engage in training in this
area; general familiarity with database concepts and use; the ideal candidate will also
have experience with desktop publishing (i.e., InDesign), content-management
systems, and social networking tools.


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