Professor in Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture, Texas A&M

Professor in Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture, Texas A&M


Texas A&M University seeks to hire a dynamic researcher with an established record in digital humanities research and/or humanities, artistic, or information visualization to participate in establishing an interdisciplinary Institute for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC). Currently an "initiative," the IDHMC<> ( will become an Institute upon approval by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents. Possible research areas for this position include but are not limited to Visualization (including artistic, information, and scientific visualization), Computer Science, Architecture, data-mining, software development, graphic design, pattern recognition, etc. (please see more at our Center for the Study of Digital Libraries). The IDHMC supports interdisciplinary scholarly and creative work that broadly explores the relationship between computing technologies and culture. We are interested in researchers who combine critic

al thinking with design, creativity, or production in their research and who are willing to shape the emerging direction of this center by galvanizing faculty, graduate students, programmers, and/or digital librarians across a span of colleges in Texas A&M University. A Ph.D., MFA, MLS, or equivalent in achievement is required.


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