Problems of Management in the 21st Century. Second Call for Papers

Scientific Methodical Centre

Scientia Educologica“

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Dear colleagues,

    We send to you the information about the possibility to submit an article for international scientific journal (Second Call)

“Problems of Management in the 21st Century” ISSN 2029-6932




Dr., assoc. prof. Marek Franek, Czechia; Dr., prof. Vincentas Lamanauskas, Lithuania; Dr., prof. Ivars Muzis, Latvia; Dr., prof. Sonia Teresinha de Sousa Penin, Brazil; Dr., assoc. prof. Laima Railiene, Lithuania; Dr., prof. Chris Rensleigh, South Africa; Dr., assoc. prof. Tsai-Hsin Chu, Taiwan.

Thematic area

  • Management of private and public sector institutions;
  • Management of education,
  • Managers in organizations today;
  • Quality of management;
  • Information and communication technologies in management;
  • Scientific methods to management;
  • Strategic management;
  • Organizational behaviour;
  • Management of organizational knowledge;
  • Risk management;
  • Leadership issues in the Twenty-First Century;
  • Systems and Information Management;
  • Historical background of Management & current trends and issues and;
  • Other Areas Related to Management


Main information /the rules for scientific articles may be found on website indicated above, or they may be sent to you by journal manager/.

Your full paper, which should be not shorter than 5 pages (A4 paper size, using Times New Roman 12-point font size, single-spacing, Microsoft Word format, all margins 25mm) should be submitted until 10 October 2011. Please do not use other fonts or formatting. All non-text items in the paper (diagrams, graphs, etc. in black and white) must also be inserted in the text. If the paper is in Russian, summary (not less than 0,5 A4 page, including title of paper in english; all parts of the research must be reflected in the summary) is required in English. All papers should be submitted in electronic digital format to the centre secretariat to the e-mail address listed in the letterhead above. The full requirements are available at:

Please take note that your paper will be peer-reviewed by the International Scientific Committee for acceptance. Papers accepted undergo quality control by Editorial Board. Also, we ask author (-s) to present together with manuscript one review-recommendation (free style; please indicate exact details about reviewer – name, surname, position, scientific degree, institution). All authors must take care of the language revision by they own. The language must be clear and accurate. The work should be written in an impersonal style. We do not accept and will not publish manuscripts which are indeed a derivative of the same author(s)' previous work. We are publishing only original scholarly works. The languagesEnglish, Russian. The style for references – APA style (available on the Internet).

Publication price14 EUR per one page. Shiping expenses9 EUR (EU states) and 11 EUR (non-EU states) (for one copy of journal). Extra copy – 15 EUR. All papers will be checked by CrossCheck system.

Additional information is available on journal website:


Application form /please download from website/

15 September 2011

Invitation to present full paper

20 September 2011

Full Paper Submission Dateline

10 October 2011

Notifications of acceptance (tentative)

12 October 2011

Notifications of acceptance (final) and invitation to transfer publication fee (contribution) /with invoice/

20 October 2011

Publication of Scientific Journal

October-November 2011

Delivery to author (-s)

November-December 2011

Yours respectfully,

Head                                                                                                   Prof. dr. Vincentas Lamanauskas


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