Pedagogical Practices: A Workshop for TAs Teaching Online Under COVID-19

Pedagogical Practices: A Workshop for TAs Teaching Online Under COVID-19
Friday, April 30, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

In this webinar, Catalina Alzate and Letícia Ferreira will provide a space for Teaching Assistants to share how they practice their teaching philosophies within the constraints of their position, learn from peers about ways to deal with issues regarding teaching, assisting and grading, and share different ways of managing online teaching under the pandemic.

Being a Teaching Assistant represents challenges, especially during COVID-19. Some of us feel the need to balance what we would like to do in the classroom, and the constraints of our role. While we are provided with guidance for grading and mentoring, these experiences let us with questions that are worth sharing with others. Moreover, the role of being a Teaching Assistant has been transformed with new challenges during COVID-19 pandemic. While we will be focusing on Teaching Assistants, we encourage Teaching Associates to participate and share their previous experiences while being Assistants. We believe that sharing experiences and holding meaningful dialogues can help us navigate these roles better, and implement ideas and solutions in future opportunities.

Catalina Alzate is an artist, designer, researcher and educator, specialized in participatory processes, feminist action-research and communication design. Her professional experience has been based in Colombia, India and the United States, where she explores the role of design in fostering cooperation and collective action, and crafting technologies with the people most affected by them. Catalina contributes to bridging social and political sciences with creative practices. She is an MFA candidate in the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Letícia Ferreira is a PhD candidate at the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is interested in collaborative practices, participatory art, interactive design, critical pedagogy and critical theory. Her research investigates how interactive media in public spaces stage and script subject positions for potential participants. Letícia's practice experiments with the conventions of digital and analog media, looking for poetic ways to explore boundaries of fiction, reality and fantasy.

This will be the twenty-fifth of a series of HASTAC Webinars that started in 2019. In this series, HASTAC Scholars facilitate 45-minute webinars on topics ranging from Interview Prep or Blog Posting to Networking, Personal Statements, and Pedagogy Strategies for Adjuncts.

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