Panel Discussion: Explorations in Antient and Medieval Studies (TAMeR HASTAC Group)

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 10:20am to 11:35am


Indicative of the robust range of possibilities for employing the digital humanities within Ancient and Medieval scholarship, this panel brings together scholars working in several fields who use a digital component as part of their approach to pedagogy, collaboration, or research. In considering both the technical and traditional methodologies utilized in these projects, this panel examines the changing nature of humanities scholarship in light of emerging technologies. Panelist Olga Scrivner’s linguistic and literary-historical project is on the Medieval Occitan Romance of Flamence. She will discuss the annotation of the work as well as a timeline plot visualization and the semantic mapping of emotions throughout the romance. David Levine will discuss the promise of Spatiality and Digital Mapping in the classroom and its importance for pre-modernists in bridging the gap between history, archaeology, and environmental history, exemplified by his work on woodland ownership and exploitation in Medieval East Anglia. Lisa Tagliaferri of HASTAC@CUNY will chair the panel.


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