Opportunity for Digital Scholars from CHCI & centerNet

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 11:30pm

CHCI and centerNet have teamed up for a second time to sponsor a New Scholars Seminar (NSS), a pre-conference seminar for new scholars interested in the digital humanities, at DH2016 (http://dh2016.adho.org/) in Kraków. CHCI and centerNet have arranged for support for up to 20 scholars to help with the costs of transportation and accommodation for digital scholars affiliated with CHCI-member centers and institutes. The NSS will take place on July 10, 2016, and the deadline to apply is April 15, 2016.

What is the New Scholars Seminar (NSS)? 

The NSS is an unconference preceding the DH2016 conference. The event is for new scholars to meet and develop research collaborations in the digital humanities. The agenda for the unconference will be set by the participants, starting with an online phase of collaboration in advance of the event.  

Who can participate?

For the purposes of this seminar a "new scholar" is defined as someone who is either a graduate student or someone who has received their PhD within the last 5 years (or longer if a case is made for career interruption). Postdoctoral fellows and people in alternative academic positions are welcome to apply.

Participation will be by reviewed application and accommodation/travel support will be limited to 20 people, who must be affiliated with a CHCI or centerNet member organization. 

How does one apply?

Applications are due by April 15. Applications include i) a Statement of Research; ii) a letter of support from a CHCI centre/institute director; and iii) a short two-page CV.

For more detailed information and instructions on applying, see the CHCI website. For questions, contact kias@ualberta.ca



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