OP*EN: Open P* Exploratory Network (p= philosophy, process, projects, policy, practices)

OP*EN: Open P* Exploratory Network (p= philosophy, process, projects, policy, practices)
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:00am to Friday, August 24, 2012 - 12:00am


On August 22-24, 2012, SUNY—Empire State College will be hosting a virtual conference on open education.  The conference is global in scope and will be occurring over multiple time zones; therefore, the event will be conducted in a virtual world called Second Life.  The modality will be a synchronous/asynchronous mode—participants can attend sessions as they occur, or session presentations will be recorded for play back at later times.  Currently, we seek individuals to participate in the conference.

Call for Presentations (and Posters)

The OP*EN Virtual Conference welcomes presenters and posters that integrate one or more of these themes, as they relate to the concept of open education.    As the aim is to cover open education for a world-wide audience, we would value a range of presentations, challenges, and discussion-starters around these areas:

  • Philosophy:  what conceptual, sociological, institutional, and educational underpinnings separate open education from other forms of teaching and learning?  What are the core issues in defining openness, and what other forms of openness are required for open education (open leadership, open science, etc.)?  Are there related concepts, constructs, and paradigms that serve or enhance openness as a concept?
  • Process:    what ways can a resource, course, learning experience move into the process of becoming “open”?   How can current courses and resources be moved from behind ivory towers into open educational areas?    How can current post-secondary institutions transform themselves into open universities? 
  • Projects:   what are the examples of projects within your experience, personal, institutional or within your learning sphere that you would like to offer as a model or best practice? 
  • Policy:   are there institutional issues that surround Open Education within your educational sphere?     Have projects and ideas been brought forward within your institution and what organizations, governance groups, unions, or professional organizations have spoken to these issues?   What areas do you expect might influence policy within your educational and learning sphere?  What public policies effect openness (regulation, legislation, grants, accreditation)?
  • Practices:   in what ways have you or your colleagues begun to consider and develop open resources and practices?  

We encourage a variety of presentation styles as well as topics.  The only common element we ask from all presentations and posters is that it should in some way challenge your audience to take openness to the next level.

Abstracts/summaries/battle plans or other treatments should be emailed to open@esc.edu by  June 22nd, 2012.

For more information: http://commons.esc.edu/open/


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