Open Educational Resources and Localisation: Adapting OER for Local Contexts

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 5:30am to 6:30am

Free webinar *this morning* - 10.30-11.30 UK time.

OER and Localisation: Adapting OER for Local Contexts

Arguably, the benefits of OER are greatest in low- and middle-income countries, where they have the potential to increase access to learning for those who may otherwise be excluded. However, for OER to be truly useful to educators and learners they need to be adapted to suit the contexts in which they are to be used. Adapting OER for local contexts remains one of the greatest challenges for OER (Wolfenden and Buckler, 2011) yet little is written about how to support communities of users to adapt materials. This webinar reports on the approach to OER adaptation adopted by the DFID-funded, UK Open University-led TESS-India (Teacher Education through School-based Support) project, which is developing OER for use within India’s teacher education system. TESS-India aims to enhance the access of teacher educators, head-teachers and teachers to free, high-quality educational materials. The project spans seven Indian states and the resources, therefore, require localisation to meet diverse linguistic, cultural and pedagogic needs.

The presenters will explain the two-tier model of localisation that TESS-India has adopted and report the findings of research conducted after the first localisation workshops in India, focusing on the following research questions:

• How has the TESS-India project managed and supported the process of OER localisation? •What tools, processes and mechanisms appear to be useful in supporting communities of users to localise OERs?

•What challenges has the project faced and what is the impact of these challenges on the localisation process and product?

•What is the impact of context on both the process and product of OER localisation?

Presenters: OER Research Hub TESS-India Fellow Leigh-Anne Perryman, TESS-India Research Associate Alison Hemmings-Buckler and TESS-India Technical Director Tim Seal . Link to further information and webinar.


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