NYCDH Workshop: How To Set Up a Web Server for Teaching and Research

how to set up a web server for teaching and research
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 3:00pm

This workshop will go over how to complete an initial Linux server setup for use with the web. We will go over security, firewalls, HTTPS, and high availability. Administering one’s own server rather than relying on managed web hosting companies empowers researchers, teachers, and students by providing them with complete control over their web assets. The resulting setup can be used with WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, and Drupal websites, and will be ready for use with domain names. In addition to providing an entry point to the web, servers can also enable teams of researchers and students to collaborate on programming projects or access shared data.

LEVEL: Beginner level. Familiarity with the command line / terminal would be great but not required.
NOTES: Participants should bring a laptop that they have administrative access to, such as a personal computer. A Mac or Linux laptop will work out of the box. If they are bringing a Windows laptop, they should set up an SSH client prior to the workshop by following a guide (e.g.

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