New online resource for academic knowledge sharing

New online resource for academic knowledge sharing

Some friends of mine are building a new digital humanities platform for sharing academic knowledge and building scholarly community and asked that I share the letter below as well as a link to the survey they are conducting to get feedback for building the site's functionality. 

The site will allow users to review books, rate books, curate book lists, share book lists, and engage in more informal discussions about new work in various fields. 

-- Ben


Here is the letter from founder Andrew Baker: 


If you’re reading this, I’ve personally spoken with you about the digital humanities project that I’ve been working on, or someone that I’ve spoken with has decided to forward this letter to you. I’d like to introduce Kanon, a digital humanities website that we’re building to help academics better discover and discuss books and ideas. As academics ourselves, our hope is to help scholars stay better informed about new developments in their fields. In addition, we hope to build bridges between disciplines and better connect academics with reading publics. Since you probably share many of our frustrations with the existing regime for sharing knowledge, we hope that you’ll lend your support. Through your feedback and the work of our lead programmer (who doubles as an intellectual historian), we’re hoping to build a full-featured community over the coming months. If you’re interested in supporting our project, here are a few things you can do:

1) Fill out a brief (5-10 minute) survey, available through the following link: 

We’re hoping to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible!

2) Forward the link, along with this letter, to any friends and colleagues who might be interested in our project.

3) Sign up to be an early user when we begin beta testing (soon!) by contacting us at the following email address:

If you’re interested in contributing your time and talents to our project in anyway, please let me know and I can provide you any additional information you might need, along with my sincere gratitude.

Very warmly,

Andrew Baker



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