New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conference: Digital Humanities

New for 2011, the NMC Summer Conference (June 15-18) at the University of Madison-Wisconsin will offer a Digital Humanities special interest track. The conference curriculum is spread across four main themes for 2011: Emerging Technologies, New Media and Learning, New Media and Leadership, and Tools and Techniques.

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NMC Summer Conference sessions highlighting the integration of technology into learning and scholarly activity that apply to the Humanities.

Thursday, June 16, 10:30am - 11:45am

Dystopian Futures?  Social Media, Collective Intelligence,  and Individuality
Christopher Watts, St. Lawrence University

Remix: Critical Strategies for Teaching and Learning with Video Archives
Virginia Kuhn, University of Southern California, Vicki Callahan, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; D.J. Johnson, University of Southern California

Representing Self Through Media:  A Personal Journey Through This American Life
Erica Halverson, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Steve Horn, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Ezra Knickelbine, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Cory Roseth, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Thursday, June 16, 1:15pm - 2:30pm

Media Integration Studies: An Interdisciplinary Success Story
John Labadie, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, George Johnson, University of North Carolina at Pembroke; Margie Labadie, University of North Carolina at Pembroke; Larry Arnold, University of North Caroline at Pembroke

The Common Collaborative Media Annotation Framework
Philip Desenne, Harvard University

The Reading and Writing of Digital Storytelling
Kathy Craven, Full Sail University

Understanding Digital Essays
David Macasaet, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Visualization of Present and Future Spaces Using Google Sketchup
Fiona MacNeill, Carleton Collge; Kathryn Steed, Carleton College; Kathleen Ryor, Carleton College

Walking Ulysses:  Collaborative and Mobile Mapping in the Humanities
Tim Lindgren, Boston College

Thursday, June 16, 2:45pm - 4:00pm

Beyond Web 2.0:  How a Virtual Learning Environment Can (and Should) Help Learners
Jeff Borden, Pearson

Designing New Media Learning:  Pedagogical Challenges at the Program Level
Jon McKenzie, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Elizabeth Ramsey, University of Southern California

Knowledge Building for the Digital Humanities
Doug Worsham, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Todd Goddard, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Chad Shorter, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Classroom Collaboration:  Putting Design into Action
Michael Reese, Johns Hopkins University; Reid Sczerba, Johns Hopkins University

Friday, June 17, 9:00am - 10:15am

eBooks in Higher Education:  What's On the Horizon?
Bill Zobrist, Pearson

The Mechanical Maestro with a Human Heart:  Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Orchestra - Conducting Robots
Christopher Ault, College of New Jersey; Andrea Salgian, College of New Jersey; Teresa Marrin Nakra, College of New Jersey; Jennifer Wang, College of New Jersey

Friday, June 17, 10:30am - 11:45am

Constructing a Virtual Social Space for Language Acquisition
Maria Alessandra Woolson, Middlebury College; Joe Antonioli, Middlebury College

Enunciating Space:  Location Based Games, Michel de Certeau and Urban Local Authority
Michael Griffith, Tulane University

Media, Cinema and Digital Studies at UW Milwaukee
Lane Hall, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; Anne Wysocki, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; Stuart Moulthrop, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

The Real School of Rock
Jim Ferolo, Bradley University

Friday, June 17, 1:00pm - 2:15pm

Cultivating Telematic Artistry: Unbound by Dimension
Darrell Bailey, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis; Scott Deal, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

Friday, June 17, 2:30pm - 3:45pm

Collaborative Conundrum:  What We Know About Group Work and Technology, but Often Forget
Lindsey Schmidt, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Timmo Dugdale, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Doug Worsham, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Redefining Literacy
Holen Kahn, Jacob Burns Film Center; Emily Keating, Jacob Burns Film Center



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