Network_Ecologies Symposium, October 19 2013, Duke University

Network_Ecologies Symposium, October 19 2013, Duke University
Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 10:00am to 8:00pm
The Network_Ecologies Symposium will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to collectively and collaboratively discuss networks and network(ed) ecologies.
The Network_Ecologies Symposium will be a multi-disciplined, multi-format symposium to be held in the new PhD Scholar Lab at Smith Warehouse, October 19, 2013. The symposium will extend the contributions and conversations currently taking place on our invitee-only online forum Ecology of Networks and will feature Jussi Parikka - author of Insect Media, Media Archaeology and more recently work on Media Ecology - as our keynote. In his presentation In Bursts, Not Flows: Microtemporalities and Engineering Network Politics, Parikka will evoke Ernst's notion of microtemporality to argue for "a different sort of of meticulous microengineering of network temporalities, their bursting nature, a world of data queues and synchronization."  Duke’s Mark BN Hansen, one of the leading scholars in the field of media theory and philosophy, will be responding to Parikka’s keynote.
Other scholars will include:
  • Drew Burk, a media philosopher who specializes in French media theory, will lead a Saturday lunch seminar on Fernand Deligny's work regarding the network as a mode of life.
  • Duke’s Dr. Clare Woods (Classical Studies) will be presenting her project mapping Knowledge Networks in Medieval manuscript transcription.
  • Artist, designer, scholar Florian Wiencek will introduce our Symposium with a presentation on digital (re)mediation, art, and networked scholarship.
  • Dr. Reagan Moore, from UNC's RENCI will join us to speak about engineering policy networks for collaborative digital archives.
  • Turan Duda, co-owner and lead architect of DudaPaine Architects will join us to talk about spatial and architecture networks.
  • Leadership entrepreneur Jonathan Kroll will be speaking about mentorship networks and human & organizational systems.
  • Dr. Stephanie Boluk will join us to speak about the network(ed) game Speculat1ons and the gamed systems of algorithmic trading.
  • Artist/game designer/scholar Patrick LeMieux will theorize nonhuman play, networked subjectivities, and metagaming by presenting games he’s made to interrogate these emerging ecologies.
  • Duke’s S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab, including Mark Hansen, Mark Olson, Patrick LeMieux, Amanda Starling Gould, Luke Caldwell, & David Rambo will enact a network(ed) art-game intervention.
The Conference is co-Sponsored by FHI, Duke Literature, ISIS,
Duke Classical Studies, and Duke's PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge.
A full schedule will be posted on our website soon.
Follow us at #netcologies, @stargould, and @dukephdlab
Contact for questions: amanda(dot)gould@duke(dot)edu



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