National Board Digital Academy

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 (All day)

Hi Fellow Educators,

The National Board is offering a free digital academy. Check it out!! It is a four day conference Empowering Teachers, Elevating Teaching. The Topics included: Blending and Virtual Learning, Candidate Orientation, Candidate Support Providers, Mobilization and Advocacy. The Plenary Session topic is Equity and Social Justice in Education. The conference has multiple times and dates extending till July 28th.

Here's a little about the National Board Professional Teaching Standards.

Here's the link to the conference:

If you are a K-12 teacher and are thinking about becoming a National Board Candidate and need a mentor and/or advice on the process. Please feel free to email me at

Just under 3% of teachers in our nation are Nationally Board Certified. It is an challenging process, but really rewarding!! Hang in there and press forward. The first year I tried for it, I missed it by 3 points. The next year I tried again and earned my National Board. In many ways, it was more challenging than grad school. I really loved the process because it really helped me to reflect on my teaching. Best of luck to any new candidates out there!! Stay safe and teach on!! :o)





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