Mozilla Festival 2013

Mozilla Festival 2013
Friday, October 25, 2013 - 12:00am to Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 12:00am

Cathy Davidson and I attended last year and thoroughly enjoyed this fun, inspiring, and educational gathering. 

Here's the invitation from Mozilla's Executive Director:

Dear Webmakers,

Help us forge the future of the web.

The Mozilla Festival is where many of Mozilla’s best and most innovative ideas spring to life. It’s where passionate thinkers and inventors come together to learn from one another and engage in a conversation about how the web can do more, and do better.
As part of Mozilla’s mission to ensure the web remains a resource open to everyone, MozFest strengthens the global braintrust of bright people dedicated to championing a user-built web. The festival is filled with fiercely unconventional technologists and creators, eager to share their skills.
So I invite you to join us. Bring an idea and we’ll connect you with kindred spirits who will help nurture your ideas through hands-on sessions and interactive workshops. Find your community at MozFest, hone your skills and amplify your voice around our common mission: ensuring the web is an innovation open to all.

Mark Surman— Mark Surman, Executive Director of Mozilla

And more from their web site:

The Mozilla Festival will be hosted at Ravensbourne, a wired media and design campus located in East London next to the O2 concert arena. Its nine floors of open spaces and quiet corners will be transformed into productive maker labs and classrooms.

Our motto is “less yack, more hack.” We’re replacing darkened lecture halls with hands-on sessions and interactive workshops and there’ll be time to hack the ideas that emerge when hundreds of bright minds gather together in one space.


  • Build Webmaker Together. The web is wild. Co-design its future with hackable projects, new memes and creativity remixed with digital tools.
  • Connect Your City. Champion digital making and bring together local communities.
  • Look Who's Watching. Learn how to control who gets your data. Help others protect their privacy and develop long-term solutions to tracking.
  • Make the Web Physical. Take sensors, actuators and more to meld the virtual with the actual and make the web work your way.
  • Open Games: Ready, Set, Go! Join a community of game makers who use the web as a platform to build open games.
  • Science and the Web. Transform how we use the web--a scientist's invention--to explore, experiment and build on each other's research.
  • Skills and Badges. Challenge conventional skillsharing. Recognize and verify learning in new ways to increase opportunities and make the most of the web.
  • Source Code for Journalism. Hack the news. Learn, teach, and make journalism that's native to the open web.
  • Teach the Web. Let's teach the world the web. Discover how to inspire learners and spread digital literacy with hands-on making.
  • Webmaking for Mobile. Become a maker in the booming world of the mobile web.

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