Library Workshop: Altmetrics and the Decoupled Journal

Library Workshop: Altmetrics and the Decoupled Journal
Monday, October 22, 2012 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Library Workshop: Altmetrics and the Decoupled Journal: an endgame for Open Access

October 22, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Perkins Library, room 217

As the movement toward universal open access gathers momentum, the most salient OA questions are changing from “if” and even “when,” to “what will an OA world look like?” Is open access an incremental improvement, or will it lead to fundamental shifts in the way scholarship is communicated, filtered, and disseminated? In this talk, I’ll argue that the latter is the case: new ways of measuring scholarly impact on the social Web–”altmetrics”–will allow real-time, crowdsourced filtering of diverse scholarly products, leading to a new landscape of interoperable services that replace traditional journals. I’ll also demonstrate total-impact, an open-source tool for gathering altmetrics, and show how it can be used to promote OA, open data, and open source to faculty.

Event is free and open to the public.

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The speaker for this talk is Jason Priem: see this page for more information about the talk and speaker.


It seems you've scheduled this OA workshop for us with a brilliant eye for timing. I've just seen this Online Conference Unconference posted on HASTAC, Open Access Week 2012 Networked Researcher Blogging Unconference, and it coincides perfectly. The online conference week runs October 22-28. Take note, PhD Lab Scholars!



Paolo, I plan to live-tweet and then storify this talk for Networked Researcher for their Open Access Week 2012 Networked Researcher Blogging Unconference. 1. Do we have permission from Jason Priem to live-tweet...and 2. Have we chosen a hashtag?

Thank you!

Amanda Starling Gould



Hi Amanda.

I don't think Jason will have a problem with live-tweeting, but have asked, and will announce the answer at the beginning of the talk. Will also post a hashtag on the board before the talk starts. I'm thinking #oa-altmetrics



Twitter won't recognize the hyphen for hyperlinking purposes (I've noticed this with a lot of #alt-ac) tweets so I recommend leaving that out. 


Thanks Ruby. Amanda and I also noticed that. We're going with #altmetricsOA now.


See for embedded Storify.

Thanks again to Jason Priem, Paolo, and all others who tweeted!