Launching the 1:1 Research Fund - "Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons"

Launching the 1:1 Research Fund -  "Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons"

The Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación de Uruguay (National Agency for Research and Innovation in Uruguay), the Centro de Estudios Fundación Ceibal (Center for Research-Ceibal Foundation), the Ministry of Education and Culture, ANEP (National Administration of Public Education) and INEEd (National Institute of Educational Evaluation) announce the launch of the new Education Sector Fund "Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons" (see source).

The fund promotes excellence in research that will help guide the Ceibal Plan in themes related to learning and the mediation of technologies, both within and outside the scope of the formal education system.


The five strategic lines of research of the Foundation are:

Social uses of ICTs and digital culture,

Resources and platforms,

New ways of knowing, learning, teaching and assessing,

Extended learning achievements,

Educators in the Digital Age.


  • The mode aims at the co-funding of research lasting up to 18 months, prioritizing short studies lasting 6 to 12 months.
  • The co-investment will be 80-20. Up to 80% of the research may be covered by the research fund and the remaining 20% ​​by the applicant institution or consortium.
  • Ideally, the design of multidisciplinary research should involve at least one of the following methodological approaches: Learning analytics, benchmarking and foresight:
  • The track-record of the research groups will be assessed, together with their ability to generate inter-institutional partnerships with networks of national and international researchers.
  • The research groups and international institutions may participate in this call provided that they have a national counterpart.
  • The conduct of the research will be accompanied by peer-review stages that will enrich the design, implementation and findings of the studies.
  •  Ideally, the research findings should be made available to the community through open publication channels.
  • The conduct of the research should ensure compliance with the ethical and sustainability (transfer and replicability) principles of the results.


Centre for Research - Ceibal Foundation

The Centro de Estudios Fundación Ceibal (Centre for Research - Ceibal Foundation) seeks to explore and promote excellence in research in order to encourage an analysis of and reflection on how the use of information and communication technologies can contribute to the creation and promotion of better teaching and learning opportunities.

The objective of this Research Center is to promote initiatives that will facilitate the development of new research capacities, the generation of scientific knowledge, and the transfer and dissemination of results for the benefit of the school community, the public sector and academic institutions.

The priority areas of this Center are social inclusion, education and the mediation of technologies, both within and outside the scope of the education system.

There is a special commitment to developing research and cooperation networks of excellence with organizations at the national, regional and international level that contribute to a better understanding of the impact, opportunities and challenges associated with learning enriched by digital technologies.

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