Job at State University of New York COIL Center

The COIL Project Coordinator will contribute to the success of the COIL Center's ongoing projects, most notably by providing pedagogical, administrative and logistical assistance for all areas of the Stevens Initiative, which is supported by a cooperative sub-grant of the Aspen Institute, funded by the U.S. State Department and the Bezos Family Foundation. In particular this will involve facilitating faculty and institutional partnerships between members of the COIL Center's Nodal Network of SUNY campuses and international institutions in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The Project Coordinator will support our program of professional development for faculty and staff as they construct collaborative online international learning courses and programs, and will also contribute to the content and resources available on the COIL Center website and the development of pedagogical best practices related to collaborative online international learning.

This position is being offered through the Research Foundation for SUNY at the New York Center for Collaborative Online International Learning Center (COIL Center) in New York, NY. The COIL Center is a leader in the emerging field of collaborative online international learning, a teaching and learning methodology that fosters course-based interchange between faculty and students with peers abroad through Internet-based communication tools. The COIL Center has developed a Global Partner Network of higher education institutions around the world committed to this format, through which it supports the development of COIL course partnerships. COIL classes may be fully online but are more often offered in blended formats with face-to-face sessions at both schools, while collaborative student work takes place online.


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