Information Visualization MOOC

Indiana University is offering an Info Vis MOOC now (started Jan. 22)

The material is mosty scientific and network data.  The goals are fit to match. The course is part theory, part skills, part client component, and has some questionable privacy policies. But for those interesting in learning a few techniques tecnhiques and exploring a MOOC from the inside (a.k.a. getting the student perspective), the course may be interesting.  

So far, it has been for me.



Unfortunately nobody really knows what is MOOC.  They are not massive, they are not free but only online course.

ONLINE is for thousands even for millions .

ONLINE is effective only if many students  enroll .

To me  only  elite universities such as MIT Harvard Berkeley can attract  thousands students  globally .

To get the right size, volume one has to be global

Sorry I do not see any future for Indiana in MOOC .

Sure I wish I was wrong.  Good education is always needed .




We hope that this well help a few people who want to learn about InfoViz but haven't been able to for whatever reason. If that happens, I think all of us on the project would be satisfied =]


Hi Tara,

I had to pipe in because I noticed your concern over our privacy policy, which I very much understand. We discussed this for quite some time, but in the end, we decided on this particular policy because we thought that if we had detailed enough data, we might be able to improve the course for future years. I know there's no way we can prove this to everyone, but I hope you'll believe me when I say all of us involved are very concerned about privacy, and would never publish or sell your data. With respect to how we analyze the data, we do so in aggregate and avoid personal information.

If you have some other or more specific concerns, I'd love to hear from you, and we welcome feedback on our whole process to make future iterations better both from our perspective and from the students'.

Enjoy the course!

-Scott, currently an IVMOOC elf.


Another HASTAC Scholar named Chelsea Bullock is wondering about building various visualization tools. I've sent this link to her, but if you have any suggestions, it would be great if you can chime in here.