How to teach students in information and library science (LIS)?

How to teach students in information and library science (LIS)? Academic curricula vs. labour market and evolution of science

The main goals of the conference are:
• To discuss theoretical and methodological issues concerning the elaboration of subject benchmark statements and education effects' matrices for LIS academic curricula in various countries worldwide,
• To analyse accreditation / certification systems applied in different national systems of higher education (ongoing or planned changes, review of measurement tools currently used to assess qualifications acquired by LIS graduates),
• To draw an up-to-date balance sheet of expectations towards LIS graduates expressed by employers and to seek for permanent mechanisms best able to gauge the needs for LIS qualifications emerging on the labour market, 
• To consider the ambition to create an international board of experts ready to undertake the task of codifying the grids of education effects' description, which would allow European LIS schools to conceive their own, reciprocally comparable curricula for the best education in the LIS domain,
• To reflect on modalities and advantages of for-profit transfer of LIS expert knowledge and know-how to the business sector of information.
Agnieszka Korycinska-Huras 
Institute of Information and Library Science 
Jagiellonian University 
Cracow, Poland
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