How to be a Humanist in Tech

How to be a Humanist in Tech
Friday, September 24, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Join us on September 24, at 3pm for a webinar where Lisa Tagliaferri, Erin Glass, Jeanelle Horcasitas and Michelle A. McSweeney will share practical advice based on their first-hand experience for those Humanities students interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry.

As more and more academics are seeking employment opportunities outside of the academy, many are concerned that they will not be able to find a career that they love off of the tenure track, or that they may not already have highly valued transferable skills that they can bring elsewhere.

While it may be beneficial to gain additional skills depending on your desired career path, there are many ways you can begin to think about a career in the technology sector with the skills you have today. Our panel will describe our experiences transitioning into tech with humanities PhDs and provide actionable ways you can begin looking for roles and transform your materials to resonate with tech hiring managers.

This will be the twenty-eighth of a series of HASTAC Webinars that started in 2019. In this series, HASTAC Scholars facilitate 45-minute webinars on topics ranging from Interview Prep or Blog Posting to Networking, Personal Statements, and Pedagogy Strategies for Adjuncts.

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