Guide to girl geek culture hiring an editor

Guide to girl geek culture hiring an editor

The Mary Sue is one of my favorite websites for keeping up with the world of geeky pop culture. And they're hiring a new editor!

From their website:

The ideal candidate is a college graduate with internet writing experience looking for a job at a news startup. The ideal candidate can also demonstrate throughout the evaluation process that they are capable of writing quickly, clearly, and cohesively about numerous major aspects of both geek culture and gender in culture. Start date for the job has not yet been determined specifically, but will be in early September. Yes, you must be available to work in our office in NYC.

Here are the two biggest things we’re looking for in applicants:

  • The primary qualification for this job is an encyclopedic knowledge of, and obsessive enthusiasm for, multiple aspects of geek culture. If you are knowledgeable about weird, obscure anime or manga, thrive on television and movie casting news, or have incorporated the names of pages on into your conversational vocabulary, then this is the job for you.

  • The secondary, but just as important, qualification is being able to write quickly and clearly (on topics from your geek specialties to gender issues), without weird grammatical or spelling issues, on topics that you yourself think up/discover on the interwebs.

Here are some other very important qualifications:

  • Previous experience in pop culture blogging or otherwise writing for the internet in a professional capacity.

  • Knowledge of blogging software.

  • Knowledge of the major personalities and figures in both the real and fictional sides of geekdom.

  • Basic experience with photo-editing software.

  • An ability to listen, take direction, and follow through with assigned tasks.

And here’s some way less important criteria that, if they apply to you, we totally want to know about:

  • Knowledge of anime and manga fandoms.

  • Experience in science writing.

  • An interest in writing and storytelling tropes.

How to apply

Please attach THREE (3) documents to your application email. Applications not containing all of these documents will NOT be considered:

  • A resume/CV, including references (please include any weird skills you might have, like the ability to read Legolas by Laura out loud without laughing, or knitting Jayne hats with your toes).

  • 3-4 samples of your academic or journalistic writing, preferably in more than one style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, basic post about news vs. longer thinkpiece, etc.) (Although we are a blog! So keep that in mind when deciding what to submit.) If possible, please include at least one nerdy submission and one gender-related submission (or something that’s both!). That’s a lot of possibly conflicting requirements, but for an editorial position we really want a good picture of your writing!

  • A brief (1-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal junior editor for a girl geek culture blog. Please also list in your cover letter your earliest experience with truly bad fanfiction; if you don’t, we’ll know you didn’t read the entire posting!

Address applications to The process is rolling, so apply ASAP!


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