Gl1tchCoin: Cryptocurrency for Poets (netprov)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 8:00pm to Friday, July 16, 2021 - 8:00pm

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You are invited to participate in our summer netprov:

Gl1tchCoin: Cryptocurrency for Poets!

This new netprov kicks off this week as part of IDMAA's “The Glitch is the Soul in the Machine" exhibition:

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Introducing Gl1tchCoin: Cryptocurrency for Poets!  Gl1tchCoin is a cypto-grammatical currency that places your digital assets where your mouth is. By contrast to conventional cryptocurrencies, Gl1tchCoin uses human procedurally generated text as the basis for an online poetic economy (i.e., it’s a writing game). Gl1tchCoin is a play on contemporary cryptocurrency speculation in which procedural generation becomes the basis for an online economy.

The goal of Gl1tchCoin is to create wealth out of rich collaborative linguistic play on a social network. When machine reading is all that separates from the AI’s trawling and trolling for us, we must connect in the glitch.

In Gl1tchCoin, participants will follow a simple set of procedural rules called the Writer’s Blockchain. Through an iterative process of 3 changes per turn over Twitter (#gl1tchcoin), Gl1tchCoiners coin their phrases, which rise and fall in value according to critical response in Critics Coiner. As a person produces Gl1tchCoins, their semiotic wealth increases, a growth whose only enemy is deconstruction, which is a form of linguistic short selling. Play with a partner or by your lonesome.

“There may be no money in poetry, but now there’s poetry in money!”*

(*All of the above text available for purchase in our NFT store)

Learn how to Make Gl1tchCoin:

Poet's Swap Meet

Once you've accumulated some Gl1tchCoin, Go into the Swap Meet and BARD-er your Gl1tchCoin for Poet Wares. Trade some wares yourself.

Typical Poet-ware includes: alienation, conversation enders at parties, dreary disposition, drawers full of unfinished chapbooks.

Critics Coiner

Want to shake up the Gl1tchCoin marketplace, go to the Critics Coiner thread to review some Gl1tchCoin either adding or subtracting to its value based on your review.




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