Games4Learning: Authentic Learning in Virtual Worlds

The Games4Learning Initiative at UNC Chapel Hill is having another event: Authentic Learning in Virtual Worlds

Authentic learning, also known as "learning-by-doing," replaces rote memorization of facts and formulas with immersion in real-world scenarios.  Learners must tackle the kind of complex problems professionals encounter in daily practice, using judgment, team work, and creativity to arrive at nuanced solutions.  Avatar-mediated virtual worlds would seem to be ideal environments for engaging students in these kinds of exercises, in which role-playing is often an element, real-time collaboration is vital, and learners must work individually and collectively in response to dynamically changing situations.

Marilyn Lombardi, PhD, director of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) Center at Duke University, will describe how learning scientists are currently using virtual world technologies to design and deploy a curriculum based on authentic learning principles.  She will also discuss the obstacles that must be overcome before virtual worlds-based authentic learning becomes an affordable, routine part of the educational experience for the majority of students, along with the efforts currently underway to realize these large-scale ambitions.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Faculty Excellence (

To register for this event, visit: Contact Libby Evans if you have questions or need assistance with registration.

A map showing the location of Dey Hall on UNC's campus:


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