Duke Digital Studio hosts Alex Gil! Setting Up Playgrounds for the Digital Humanities / March 18

Duke Digital Studio hosts Alex Gil! Setting Up Playgrounds for the Digital Humanities / March 18
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History Division, Columbia University Libraries.

We’ll kick off with a DH Sandbox Chat which will be followed by hands-on Omeka workshop led by Alex Gil. We’ll then be treated to a keynote,

By working with Omeka, students learn how to author meta-data, an exciting pedagogical activity that has exposed interesting challenges for the organization of sonic information. Sonic Dictionary participants also work with open-source audio-editing software Audacity and a range of recording equipment. All of these topics and more will discussed at the upcoming event.

Register: tinyurl.com/edge-sonic

2:15  Introduction to Omeka, Alex Gil, DH Studio Workshop, Murthy Digital Studio

Omeka is a tool to build online exhibits and collections around cultural artifacts. The open source platform was developed by the good people of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason. Omeka is now used by many scholars, librarians, curators and cultural workers of all stripes. In this workshop you will learn how to use the hosted version of the software on omeka.net to create an online exhibit, and learn about the affordances of having your own hosted version elsewhere. In order to prepare for this workshop, you can get started by signing up for the free version, and collect some cultural objects (either remediated or born-digital). Do make sure to take a look at the showcase section on the Omeka site to see what some folks are doing with the software. Look forward to seeing you there.

Registration Required: tinyurl.com/edge-omeka

4:30  Setting up playgrounds for the digital humanities, Alex Gil, Keynote, Edge Workshop Room, #DHplay

In this keynote presentation we will look at the general landscape of digital humanities around the world. We will explore digital humanities at the intersections between computational approaches to culture, knowledge design and curation, and scholarly networks. In particular, we will focus on the process of learning how to build projects and work collaboratively across university roles. Paradoxically, the best we can do at the beginning of an institutional engagement with digital humanities is to play in a spirit of ephemerality, while thinking the long term of the humanities and human technology. Q & A and Reception to follow.

Registration: tinyurl.com/edge-dhplay

Alex Gil is the Digital Scholarship Coordinator for the Libraries Humanities and History Division, and Affiliate Faculty of the English & Comparative Literature Department at Columbia University. He serves as a consultant to faculty, students and the library on the impact of technology on humanities research, pedagogy and scholarly communications.  His research interests focus on twentieth-century Caribbean literature and Digital Humanities, with an emphasis on textual studies. He has published in journals in Canada, France and the United States, while sustaining an open and robust online research presence. In 2010-2012 he was a fellow at the Scholars’ Lab and NINES at the University of Virginia, where he received his doctorate in English. He now serves as co-chair of the Global Outlook::Digital Humanities initiative, and is actively engaged in several digital humanities projects at Columbia and around the world.

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