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We invite applicants to join a National Science Foundation funded project (Award: 1943630) as a graduate research assistant and receive funding to complete the doctoral program in Instructional Technologies & Learning Sciences at Utah State University. Review of applications will begin mid-June and continue until the position is filled. The start date is flexible between Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Fall 2021.

Project Information

The project supports community-based research with the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation and Spy Hop, a non-profit digital media organization for youth. Our project adopts a "culturally disruptive" approach, which requires us to constantly reflect on ourselves as cultural beings and recognize the power and privilege connected to that. For example, disciplines like science are often thought of as “acultural” or without culture, and instead we see science as a rich cultural activity and process. We also employ a community-driven design research process where the Northwestern Shoshone are ultimately in charge of the overall process — the goal here is to disrupt the inherent power researchers have in an academic institution. Together, we want to share and preserve important cultural and historical stories of the Tribe as well as develop and sustain technological and design skills using professional practices and processes. We plan to do this by creating “place-based storytelling experiences” or stories that you can experience in a specific location via your mobile device. We will create these stories at sites are particularly significant to the Tribe, where they want to share their science and culture with the public. The first site is Boa Ogoi , a cultural center being built at the Bear River Massacre site, the location of one of the worst massacres of Indigenous peoples in U.S. history. We hope our process will help other tribal communities who might want to engage in similar work and will inform researchers, educators, and designers who think about things like culture, science, and technology.

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NOTE: You do not need to apply to the doctoral program before applying for the funding package. 

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