Digital Humanities Developer - Center for Digital Humanities, Princeton University Library

The Digital Humanities Developer will work as part of the CDH’s Development Team to implement innovative digital humanities projects in a collaborative environment that includes fellow CDH staff, humanities faculty and graduate students, and other relevant campus partners.  This position will have an emphasis on the front-end component of CDH projects, particularly working with JavaScript and data visualization in order to make CDH projects more dynamic and interactive.   This position will report to the CDH Lead Developer.

The DH Developer will follow development best practices established by the Lead Developer and Development Team, including unit testing, documentation, and version control to ensure that projects developed at CDH are released with stable codebases and clear documentation.   The DH Developer will contribute to team best practices for frontend testing and selecting a recommended JavaScript framework and establishing guidelines for when it should be used by projects.  The DH Developer will also participate in code reviews, both having their own code reviewed by other members of the CDH Development Team (as well as external collaborators, when appropriate) and reviewing work by other team members or other code written for CDH sponsored projects.  The DH Developer may also serve as Technical Lead on CDH projects that align with the DH Developer’s expertise.


The DH Developer will promote the work of CDH through workshops and other outreach activities including attending national and international conferences on Digital Humanities and relevant technologies.  


This position qualifies for 20% R&D time on a project chosen in consultation with the Lead Developer.


Build, test, debug, and document software designed to support research in the digital humanities.  Estimate effort on software projects.  Serve as technical lead on CDH projects as appropriate to skills and expertise. 
Hold consultations with members of Princeton community to scope work and suggest technologies for non-CDH project work.
Teach workshops, write blog posts, and promote the work of CDH to Princeton campus and larger DH communities. 
Work on research and development projects related to pushing the boundaries of digital humanities development.  Projects to be chosen in consultation with CDH Lead Developer. 



expertise in web application development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
Knowledge of frontend testing frameworks
experience with version control
ability to write clear documentation
Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year college or university
Knowledge of template frameworks and styling tools (such as SASS/Bootstrap/Bourbon)


Experience with data visualization and JavaScript libraries such as d3.js
Experience with JavaScript mapping libraries such as leaflet.js
Familiarity with Python or another high-level scripting language
Familiarity with web frameworks such as Django or Ruby on Rails
Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as EmberJS, Angular, or React
Experience with RESTful APIs and various data stores and tools such as: relational databases, XML databases, graph databases; Solr or elasticsearch; RDF and XML
Experience working on and contributing to open source software projects
Familiarity with humanities research

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Princeton University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. EEO IS THE LAW


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