Digital humanities coordinator -- University of South Carolina

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) at the University of South Carolina is an interdisciplinary research hub where faculty, staff, and students at USCcollaborate on digital research in the humanities. (Learn more about us at The CDH Coordinator will oversee day-to-day operations of the Center while coordinating individual projects, often working closely with faculty and student programmers. The Coordinator will supervise all aspects of student work — setting goals and deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring progress — while maintaining clear communication with the director and co-directors. The Coordinator also works with campus support services required for events hosted by the Center and generally assists in promoting and organizing meetings. The coordinator must communicate across disciplines, facilitating discussion between student programmers and faculty project leads. Towards this end, the Coordinator must be willing to learn and speak about technologies commonly used in digital research, to understand digital humanities as a research and teaching field, and to serve as an enthusiastic and effective advocate for the Center.


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