Destination Wedding 2070 (netprov)

Destination Wedding 2070 (netprov)
Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 8:00pm to Sunday, November 10, 2019 - 7:00pm

You have heard of data visualization.  Sometimes that's not enough. So what if we try data dramatization: performing a scenario that brings the data to life?  We are trying this in our new netprov!

You are invited to attend Destination Wedding 2070, a netprov hat marries wedding disasters with the global climate crisis.


Destination Wedding 2070

Nov. 3-Nov. 11, 2019

Destination Wedding 2070 is a futuristic netprov in which you roleplay a family member slogging to a far corner of the globe so you can bicker with relatives, troubleshoot catastrophes, and vent in your secret diary. Oh, and of course — so you can celebrate the blissful union of the happy couple!

Destination Wedding 2070 is a dark comedy about wedding planning 50 years from now, and, spoiler alert: climate change is the ultimate wedding crasher! 



Newcomers please fill out this form: RSVP

Then once you’ve been assigned to a wedding via email, go here and find your wedding party thread. 

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Destination Wedding 2070 is an attempt to make data about climate change more comprehensible. Although climatologists have strong models of the decades to come, they typically report it via graphs and charts.  DW70 goes beyond visualization by bringing the data to life in data dramatization as participants experience the effects in a speculative future scenario.



The data for this data dramatization netprov has been brought to you by EarthGames and was based on simulations from the CanESM5 model under SSP585, a high emissions scenario that represents substantial increases in fossil fuel use in the coming decades.  Climate model data is usually presented in terms of averages, but each simulation creates weather across the globe. The forecasts from each city are adapted from particular Saturdays in 2070. The maps show the model data across the globe for max/min temperature, precipitation and humidity, and city forecasts are taken from the nearest gridbox or from a heuristic downscaling approach.

DW2070 is brought to you by Mark Marino (USC), Rob Wittig (UM Duluth), Dargan Frierson (University of Washington) and Samara Hayley Steele (UC Davis) as part of a collaboration between Meanwhile Netprov Studio, EarthGames, and the ModLab: the Humanities Game Lab at UC Davis.

What’s a netprov?  Oh, right. Follow that link.


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