Curate, Credential and Carry Forward Digital Learning Evidence & Digital Badges: National Forum, November 13, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 12:00am

Colleagues in Australia are hosting an exciting forum about badges in higher ed, and educators are invited to follow along during the broadcast. Please check here to convert and confirm time zones for Melbourne, Australia for this event. Information about registration is located below. 

Mozilla's Open Badges project has opened up a new way of recognising skills and learning through an open, stackable framework and provided an opportunity to recognise more detailed aspects of learning. For example, whereas achievement of learning may be somewhat invisible in collated marks and grades, open badges enable the warranting of capabilities including those that are difficult to measure (such as team work and intercultural competence). Badging skills, experiences and knowledge can supplement or even replace traditional assessment signals such as marks and grades. Open badges can also enable a more social approach to assessment: badges can be issued or endorsed by designated stakeholders - peers, mentors, industry, associations – both within and outside of an institution and build the learner’s ability to judge their own and others’ performance.

This national forum will showcase examples from the thought leaders in the field in prior learning, credentialing, open badges practice and research, and offer an employer’s perspective.

International Thought Leaders

  • Associate Professor Dan Hickey, Indiana University; Director of the Open Badges Design Principles Documentation Project
  • Dr Nan Travers, SUNY, Director of the Office of Collegewide Academic Review 

National Thought Leaders

In Practice

Professional perspectives

  • Janet Strivens, Centre for Lifelong Learning Educational Development Division
    The University of Liverpool, Senior Associate Director, The CRA
  • Susie Steigler-Peters, Education Industry Executive, Telstra























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