Cultural Studies Association Conference—2013 Digital Humanities Fellowship

The Cultural Studies Association (US) is looking for three HASTAC Scholars to participate in a pilot Digital Humanities Fellowship program. In particular, we are looking for three Scholars to help promote the work of CSA and to foster dialogue between the digital humanities and cultural studies. Using social media networks, DH Fellows will highlight relevant internet content (blog posts, news stories, videos, etc), promote CSA-sponsored events and projects (particularly our annual conference), and increase the organization’s visibility in digital spaces. In addition, DH Fellows will be asked to participate in a roundtable discussion on social networking and cultural studies at the 2013 CSA conference in Chicago, May 23-26, 2013. Registration fees for all Fellows will be waived.
If you would like to be considered for a Digital Humanities Fellowship, please email me (Megan Turner) at at your earliest convenience. Fellowships will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.
Megan Turner 
Program Coordinator



About the Conference 
Theme: Beyond Disciplinarity: Interventions in Cultural Studies and the Arts
The theme of this year's conference, Beyond Disciplinarity: Interventions in Cultural Studies and the Arts, encourages submissions that reflect on the nature, limits, and merits of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practices across the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. This theme refers to the historic role of cultural studies as a field that intervenes in social and intellectual modes of disciplinarity from a variety of critical locations. The conference aims to attract work that meets those challenges by willfully reorganizing and redistributing the sensibilities and knowledges of disciplinary and interdisciplinary formations.

We are particularly interested in proposals that highlight research and teaching projects intended to rearrange existing forms of knowledge in an effort to create and imagine new institutional contexts for the development of cultural studies and its inquiries, including departments, programs, art centers, museums, and community organizations. As at past CSA conferences, we also welcome proposals from all areas and on all topics of relevance to cultural studies, including literature, history, sociology, geography, politics, anthropology, communications, popular culture, cultural theory, queer studies, critical race studies, feminist studies, post-colonial studies, legal studies, science studies, media and film studies, material culture studies, platform studies, visual art and performance studies.


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About CSA

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA), which was founded in 2003, is a non-profit association for scientific purposes in the field of cultural studies. The goal of the CSA is to create and promote an effective community of cultural studies practitioners and scholars, to represent the discipline and its committed practitioners everywhere, and to advance cultural studies knowledges, projects, approaches, and methodologies throughout the world. Its members come from all over the world. The CSA provides a forum for scholars of cultural studies, in all its diverse manifestations, to exchange their work and ideas across disciplinary lines and institutional locations.

The Cultural Studies Association publishes its own journal, Lateral. Lateral, an e-publishing platform of the association, is a digital journal and production site designed to foster experimentation and collaboration among cultural studies practitioners and researchers. It is committed to critical studies of culture that advance and extend the reach of cultural studies as a field and method of inquiry and as an intellectual/political project.

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