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Thursday, March 31, 2022 - 8:00pm to Saturday, April 30, 2022 - 7:55pm

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A Netprov: April 2022

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Premise: a netprov about how people construct meaning out of flimsy evidence . . . and then grumble about and gamble on it. Invitation 

Grumple, a netprov

Grumple is an imagined variant of last winter’s smash hit word game Wordle. But Grumple doesn’t behave like an ordinary game. The results of play are curious, irreplicable, unpatterned. And that is making people grumpy! 

We in the Grumple community gather on the chat site Reddit to celebrate the odd victory, vent frustrations, and theorize the whats, hows, and whys of Grumple — is it an intelligence test, an oracle, a rabbit hole? Whatever it is, it is definitely the site to work through grumpiness! Join us!


A new game has emerged on the digital scene, echoing the wildly popular overnight sensation Wordle. It’s a 5-letter guessing game called Grumple. The only catch? How you win or how you lose is a complete mystery.  People argue over its meaning or how to play or how to win on a Reddit discussion board. As time goes on the website changes to include mini games, user accounts, power-ups, and a whole host of other content to entertain people while they wait for the next Grumple. And then one day the inevitable shows up: gambling.  You can now wager on the words, the rules, and just about everything else about Grumple. 

While the meaning of Grumple may be forever unknown, one thing is clear, it has become the lightning rod for the crabbing and bickering of grumpy America (and a larger Grumpy world). And as people argue over Grumple, it becomes clear that they’re really working through their core grumpiness, whatever the cause: their personal lives, the pandemic, global conflict, climate change, the Oscars, you name it. 

In this netprov, you will create a fictional character who harbors some deep-seated Grumpiness.  As the debates rage on about Grumple, they’ll pile on, only to find that what they’re truly trying to overcome is not the fools out there in Grumpland, but their own internal grump.




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