Co-Work @ The CivicLab!

Co-Work @ The CivicLab!

If you're in Chicago consider co-working at the CivicLab - America's only volunteer run co-working space dedicated to collaboration, education and innovation for social justice and civic engagement. We opened in the West Loop on July 1, 2013. Here is a summary of our first six months.

CivicLab is a new co-working space in the West Loop at 114 N. Aberdeen Street dedicated collaboration, education and innovation for civic engagement.  Our call to service is – Investigate. Fabricate. Educate. Activate.

At the CivicLab you can:

  1. Co-Work. Rent a permanent desk for $200/month. Be part of a community of dynamic people and organizations who all want to see a better world and are working to make it happen!
  2. Learn. Take a class and gain some civic skill and knowledge. It’s like a Democracy Gym here! Build your civic muscles at the CivicLab. Here is a list of our current workshops.
  3. Teach. Share your civic skills, experience and knowledge by offering a general admission workshop at the CivicLab. we split all class fees 50-50 with our instructors.
  4. Meet. Use our space for meetings, events, retreats and celebrations. You won’t a more reasonable hourly rate or a more friendly crew anywhere!

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