CHAT Festival -- Collaborations: Humanities, Arts & Technology

CHAT Festival -- Collaborations: Humanities, Arts & Technology. There will be lots of different events associated with this festival -- speakers, performances etc. -- including a set of galleries of student digital media work. Note that the call is for a wide range of materials, both critical and creative, from both undergrads and grads.  Faculty/staff: please nominate/encourage likely candidates. Students: please feel free to self-nominate. See below for details, and  Deadline is November 15.

Student Projects
As part of this year’s CHAT Festival, we would like to invite faculty at UNC, Duke and N.C. State to nominate for exhibition undergraduate and graduate digital media projects in the arts and humanities.

We are interested in projects that use the affordances of digital media not only to facilitate the content creation, but also its material expression. Work displayed might be 2-D, 3-D, kiosk-based, installation-oriented, performative or a combination of all of these, and might include critical, historical, documentary, analytical or creative content.

We are especially interested in work that embodies the CHAT festival spirit of collaboration and multidisciplinarity. At the discretion of the judges, individual and group collaborators may be asked to give artist talks describing their work and to have their work and presentations displayed on the CHAT festival archive site as exemplary digital media authorship.

Faculty are encouraged to nominate multiple student projects, and students may self-nominate as well.

Nomination Materials
Nomination packets should be submitted as Word or PDF documents to Mark Sabb at and include the following information:
• Primary contact name and contact information (email, phone, university affiliation)
• Names and contact information of artists/collaborators
• Project title
• Media types (2-D, 3-D, kiosk, installation, performance)
• Short description of project (suitable for publicity, 100 words max)
• Sample images and/or video
• Any supplementary or contextual information
• Installation requirements (wall mounting, computer kiosk, projection, overall size, electrical, networking, etc.)
• Faculty nominator name and contact information (email, phone)
• Any additional comments or information for the judges
Presenters are responsible for providing portable media versions of multimedia content, mounted prints of any 2-D work, and any special equipment that goes beyond standard computers and monitors. Selected project displays will be coordinated by the CHAT festival team in collaboration with the artist-presenters.

Nomination Deadline: November 15.

Selections will be published by December 15.

Additional Information
For information about the CHAT Festival, visit

Contact Megan Granda at with questions or for additional information.


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