CFP- XYZN: Scale

CFP- XYZN: Scale
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 12:00am


To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

--William Blake, Auguries of Innocence, 1803


Call for Artwork, XYZN: Scale

The Art Gallery showcases fully realized artworks expressed through various digital and technologically mediated forms. This year’s theme, XYZN: Scale, draws attention to a key critical affordance of computer-based authorship: the ability to iteratively scale our digital representations at will: in-out-up-down, back and forth, + and -. These core functions enable us to change size and location over time, and at different degrees of resolution.

The SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Gallery explores how artists take advantage of these capabilities in the construction of and/or the aesthetic effects created by their work. We are looking for projects that engage the artful transformation of these scaling techniques to explore an idea, tell a story, or create an experience in a novel and engaging way. Visualizations, data-mining, computer imaging, 3D modeling, geospatial systems, simulations, sensor networks, multimedia productions, and virtual reality environments all share this potential to (among other things) explore an idea at different orders of magnitude, complexity, and depth; to compare and contrast the inner resonances of seemingly disparate microcosmic and macrocosmic systems; and to transpose sensory experiences across different affective domains – and, consequently, to mine the provocative and potentially disruptive effects such scaling operations might create.

All forms of electronic and digitally mediated art completed in the last two years are considered. Submissions of multimedia installations; two- and three-dimensional works; and kinetic, mobile, or interactive pieces are highly encouraged. Site-based proposals exploring the concept of scale that take advantage of the convention center space, and/or the conference attendees themselves, are also encouraged. In keeping with 2013's observance of the 40th anniversary of the SIGGRAPH conference, special consideration will be applied to work that engages with historical themes (the N as a function of time).

Artists and scholars are encouraged to give an Artist’s Talk and/or host a Studio Workshop if their work is accepted. Please indicate your interest on the Art Gallery submission form. Artists and scholars are also encouraged to submit proposals for Talks or Art Papers that address themes related to works presented in the gallery.

If you have any questions about artwork submissions, please contact the Art Gallery Chair.

Art Papers

Art Papers illuminate and explore the changing roles of artists and the methods of art-making in our increasingly networked and computationally mediated world. They inform artistic disciplines, set standards, and stimulate future trends.

In addition to the core topics of digital and interactive arts, Art Papers can explore the theme of the SIGGRAPH 2013 juried Art Gallery, XYZN: Scale, or any other topic consistent with SIGGRAPH's hybrid culture.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Papers must be submitted in one of these four categories:

  1. Project Description: A description of creative work, with particular emphasis on its significance and historical and/or theoretical context.
  2. Theory/Criticism: Exposition of a significant issue for contemporary art and design practice.
  3. Methods: Novel techniques for creative practice.
  4. History: In celebration of the SIGGRAPH conference's 40th year, submissions are sought that engage with the early history of electronic and interactive art.

Authors present Art Papers in 20-minute sessions with five minutes of Q&A. The papers are published in a special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology. The issue also includes visual documentation of the works exhibited in the Art Gallery. Publication of this fifth special issue coincides with SIGGRAPH 2013.

Deadline: January 22, 2013 5pm EST

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